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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No Link Why the verdict is not fair: because i agreed to change names from elliot rodger to elliot dodger but apparantly it was still too similar? i was not aware of the school shooting at UCSB. and one of the lore helpers told me it was ok to have Elliot Dodger and continue my story. Yet i was still kicked for it. so i decided to change my name to mark cuckerberg. and im guessing that is also inappropriate. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i dont see the problem with Elliot Dodger or Mark Cuckerberg. but i do understand why i was kicked for Elliot Rodger and some people can be offended by that. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: achieving a "regular name" and removing my ban What could you have done better?: Have a "regular name"
  2. So i showed up to green mountain and all i saw was a group of guys filming a vietcong reinactment of the vietnam war. I found the film extremely stupid so i decided to get in the film with my pants off and started dancing. Not teabgging, dancing. I just thought it was silly to be filming the vietnam war in a zombie apocolypse. My character is vietnamese as well. After tbat i guess a fight broke out outside of green mountain gate and i think that was apart of the film as well. So i decided to take shoo ping yaos stuff and the other guys stuff because if they know that they drop their stuff then its bound to be stolen. Shortly after the dancing and fighting the filmers pushed me up against a wall. I was just trying to rp as the bad guy. The second shoo ping yao tried to handcuff me i just made a run for it. I ran into the forest and hid for a little bit. People were shootint at me while i was running. I heard magnum shots and sks shots. So i waited behind a bush and i think the guy with the mp5k or sks killed me i dont remember. Ur report said a guy was unconcious. I think i was the guy that made the sks or mp5k guy unconcious.
  3. I was the vietnamese man that stole the AK. I personally thought the rp was good.
  4. inja89

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    i need a new guid or changed //Vandy Done, please reenter your GUID in the whitelist page
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