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  1. I read that Battle eye dont IP BAN
  2. Yea iknow. He says he didnt hack, i just give it a shot
  3. Question/Problem: Hello, this is to help my friend not me. He is in no way linked to this community. So he was global banned like 5 months ago, today he choose to buy a new arma so he could play again. He bought it and his Arma 2 is working just fine, but his Arma 2 OA is still global banned. The ban is under the same ID, but it is like it wont change the CD key. Please Help Is the problem on the Mod or Standalone: Mod Does this problem occur on other public DayZ/ArmA/SA servers as well: all ARMA 2 OA servers How long have you had this problem: n/a What have you done to fix this already: Reinstalled Arma 2 and OA, and deleted everything about arma 2 OA on his PC
  4. You get terrible fps in multiplayer. Altis life for example i get a max of 30. In dayz i can hit up to 85
  5. Mads


    Doesn't sound like a very fun game Made my day, lol
  6. I have a pretty Nice Mp9 Sand Dessert, and the Tec-9 In blue titanium if anyone is intersted!
  7. Be Patient. I heared that when the whitelist was crazy people waited for like 1 month. Its not to bad atm; at least i dont think so...
  8. Mads

    Need help finding a girly TV-show.

    Ignore most of these. Arrow - Some episodes a guy/girl gets torturred by some nasty ppl. Terra Nova - Kids get lost in a fucking forrest full of T-rez's, That T-rex made me jump many times Warehouse 13 - About Finding a Murder, who has rapped, killed, etc Just some i knew on the top of my head You gonna test it on her Is this like an experiment how much time you can make her Watch TV so you can play DayzRP?
  9. Mads


    I go to the gym like everyother day. Im 16 and working on becomming a body builder. Not there yet but one day... One day
  10. Mads

    Frozen's Christmas Give Away *Closed and Updated*

    The giveaway is closed! Read the Bryan's quote literally above you... I saw it after I posted calm yaself If you saw it after the post, there is this Magic button called EDIT.
  11. Can someone send me a youtube link. Cant see it since im on my phone, but with a link i can. #pcbrokeagain
  12. Mads

    [GIVEAWAY] Standalone, ARMA 2 complete, Dark souls and Don't starve [CLOSED}

    Dayz Standalone please Nice of you doing this congrats!
  13. Mads

    Frozen's Christmas Give Away *Closed and Updated*

    User(s) browsing this thread: FrozenCaveMan22, Mads Maybe it is time ! Maybe he is editing it now with the Winners !!
  14. Very kind of you! I'd like 67 Please
  15. Mads

    Frozen's Christmas Give Away *Closed and Updated*

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