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  1. I nicely and simply asked one question about Chem lights in the game. " do chem lights light up in arma 3?" then immediately got shushed.
  2. It's a brand new server to the RP realm I don't see how at all OOC is just completely unacceptable. I would understand if this was on the standalone granted side chat even existed. and because the server has been out for so long. As to not being able to hear my side of the story was just unfair. as to calling that certain individual a [email protected]#[email protected] i censored myself. I agree it could get very annoying at times having people speak in OOC. but like me where I was being an honest man simply asking a yes or no question that can be answered in under 15 secs to being immediately shushed and thrown the corner of the room. is unfair. Everyone hops on this same exact bandwagon where if anyone speaks in OOC you would immediately tell them to just shut up and get off. Granted again ooc could be very annoying and throw others off their RP i understand that part. but one simple question is not going to interrupt anyone's RP in anyway or immersion. just by saying this " You proceeded to respond, calling someone a "[email protected]#[email protected]". Not even remotely acceptable use of OOC in any situation." you are not giving the full story shark.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://imgur.com/iBZE58d Why the verdict is not fair: Because my side of the story was not even heard and the points were instantly given without any interest in approaching me about it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It was a question in a brand new server which was desolation on arma 3. I wanted to ask it so it wouldn't have hindered RP in the future. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My warning points being taken off and for justice to be returned. What could you have done better?: I was not in the wrong at all.
  4. It came to sudden the action that was wanted to be performed couldn't because of lag or something but whoever i just got done RPing with at that little small house and the gasoline circle lol. My character was at it's peak of pain and just gave up he noticed that he had a flashbang left in his bag and wanted to use it and get a quick escape but the explosion did not happen because of lag id assume so that's why i kind of ran back to the circle. Sorry it had to end that way but I do believe that my next character is not going to be a DR. I can't RP one anymore you gave me a lot of questions that i couldn't answer. Hope to find you soon so we can patch things up on TS =)
  5. Not a Single person Because for some reason I can't find a single person on this server when there is 50 out of 50 people. 3 hours I ran from Vybor to Berenzino. Nothing.
  6. What of my gear survived? or is everything ruined. It made me actually close my eyes in real life because i was so scared man. All i saw were the headlights
  7. Don't worry man It was night time I didn't know where you were coming from so i hit the ground and as soon as I did that your truck was pulling over the hill and I didn't have time to roll out of the way. Shit happens.......
  8. Dean Tops: I was in the deer stand collecting a pair of binos and I see which I thought at first was Tate but it was Griffin Long he talks to me in voip with a whisper and tells me to climb down the ladder I then do so and he runs off to GM after as soon as he sees Roland and Tate when they emerge from the bush.
  9. Everyone I'm not upset that I died I'm upset because of how I died and how quickly it happened. I was going for a maybe a little bit more my character got to GM and got assisted by a doctor who was by the fire. I told him that I got bit the doctor spread the word told me to sit in a corner so he can watch me. I then started to play zombie noises from boards that I was able to find and holding ALT while moving my mouse rapidly so my head just turn around. I then began to inch up to people they became alarmed and told me to get back to my corner. They then put me in a cell which I decided to complete the transformation and began acting like a complete zombie punching the wall and making zombie noising with no board. The doctor then attempted to cure me he open the door and I went for the cure/medicine and then one guy took out his pistol and shot me in the head. I'm not upset just hoped for a little bit more RP and better RP from the guy with the gun.
  10. I wish i was apart of it haha I didn't break out though the doctor open the door and i went to go grab the meds but that other guy freaked out or if it was you idk I had fun but next time don't shoot me so quickly if things get sticky play it out let me get close to people or attempt to bite maybe tie me up or break my legs but don't put a bullet in my head =[ im still an RP'er.
  11. Im roleplaying by GM and a guy instantly shoots me and i die i couldn't even roleplay that much it was like 5mins =[
  12. at the same time i was mourning about my friends dying
  13. The guy shooting in the air was me (Dean Tops) because i lost both my friends in that situation and i was role playing that my character was going insane.
  14. When you (Assassin Masta) walked up in the forest Franky and I ( Dean Tops ) were just talking about Jack because we thought he was a psychopath I believe franky just got a little aggravated because of the mask you were wearing. You started to show very hostile actions towards Franky and I (Dean Tops) and in my eyes you made me feel like I was in danger with you (Assassin Masta) holding your gun. When you started to approach frankys face telling him to "Shut the Fuck up" and "Fuck Off" that's when I (Dean Tops) decided to handcuff you so you can calm down but then you had your friends instantly shoot my friend franky in the face. You should tell your friends to calm down and not shoot so quickly. I hand cuffed you (Assassin Masta) because I needed you to calm down that's all I had planned I was going to release you in like 20 secs. While I was running away from your friends continuous fire for about 30 secs I looped around to see if I can find you (Assassin Masta)to talk to you and arrange an agreement but the second you saw my face you shot me and made my character fall unconscious. I don't believe I initiated incorrectly when you had your gun pointing at my friend screaming at him I had seconds to make a decision there and I took it. My POV