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  1. hotdogkid42

    [Open Broadcast] Pinewood Community

    *The abandoned hospital served as fine cover for a night when the rain was at its worst. Killian finished his can of Rasputin Kvass before seating himself by one of the old, worn down desks of a, most likely, dead doctor. He allowed his finger to trace over the metallic top of the military radio he scavenged when on the way here. He eventually started flickering between the frequencies until hearing a recognizable female voice.* ... "Hold on lass, I recognize that voice! D'ya know a handsome chap by the name of Killian Darcy, by any chance?" *A brief laughter can be heard, which is eventually drowned out by the slurping of some drink.* "If that is who I think it is, I'm happy to hear you're alive."
  2. hotdogkid42

    Any good games you know?

    The last of us
  3. Just cause 3 and fallout 4. Roleplaying alone galore