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  1. With the profile avatar and the background what are the max dimensions for them? -Thanks!
  2. Apon leaving for now and having my account most likely being deactivated does that mean my Character will be lost as well the one that we were all required to make? Just wondering thanks again for the help.
  3. I cant get things to work, Nothing is clicking for me. For right now i am leaving maybe someday. O7.
  4. Leonard Church

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    Leonard sits down as he makes his final trip back home from gathering food when the message across the radio, it does not frighten him but makes him feel less worried and in a way calm. He picks up his radio and begins to speak, Did someone just get arrested? I honest to god thought that I heard a police siren. And who i might ask is this Caroline? He sits down the radio and pulls out his bottle of whiskey
  5. Memory 2 "Void" "The trip took a total three days that were filled with doubt, anger, and just not knowing what could be next. He had to ditch the car and hide it to cross the border where he always crossed at. Lucky with there being enough shrubs he covered the car with a camo of green. The remainder of the trip was on foot and about a fifteen mile hike up the slopes of the black mountains to a location where a cabin would be in a clearing just over looking a valley. The mountains towered over the man and it seemed like themselves were reaching up to the gods. When the location was in sight that is when it hit him, either this was going to be all a joke to get him to leave his post with The Trust or actually real family was just beyond a clearing of trees sitting in the still cabin. Slowly the man crept up to the building not making any sounds, with a deep breathe he slung his rifle around on his shoulder and brought his pistol from his side up to chest level. On the outside of the cabin were rusty bear traps, the regular hooks and fishing poles but there was no sign of anyone. Little by little his heartbeat rose as he got closer to the door. Slowly reaching down towards the nob a quick crack from a twig snapped just outside of treeline. The man snapped towards it with the gun raised, a dark figure hobbled out of the woods but was not alive anymore. It was a man with a checkered shirt, long brown pants, and it was indeed his uncle but it was already the final stage of the infection. The man had a clear bite on his neck and was stumbling towards Leonard. Feelings arose from deep inside that usually were numb and just another emotion that did not matter. In that moment time it self stopped, looking at the man in the face he barley saw an uncle but more or less a man that was forgotten long ago. Seeing this caused a sense of awareness his reactions took control of him. He walked forward shooting an entire clip of his 1911 in to his uncle, screaming and bringing out his rifle and taking the last shot to his head. He began to walk slowly towards the clift overlooking a valley that was filled with green he sat back and looked up in the sky shortly saying "I am sorry father". The rest became black as the sound of a gun stock thumped against the back of Leonard's head.
  6. Memory 1 "Blur" "Nothing could really help best fit what was becoming of Leonard's life. He bad become closer to the people in The Trust he was gaining more support from other groups with things going his way it moved him and made him become stronger. All things that he saw as a problem he did not hide from them simply just did what needed to be done. It was a time that made everything seem like it was "Normal" again.. Until a letter had shown up randomly one day when he had been returning home. It was sealed and all even had a name on the front which as soon as the name was processed through his mind it sent chills streaming down his spine Charles Church. It instantly put him on edge because that was one of his uncles that moved to Russia during the 80's. Leonard's father and him used to hunt together but after he had moved they never talked again. Disbelief rose up slowly and soon anger rushed over him. A sick joke? But how would someone know about the family..? Regardless he pushed on and read what was written inside the letter. Leonard, Please.. I know you wont believe me but i.. i need help.. Jesus there is so many of them. 016, 176<-- These are my coordinates you need to hurry please.. Charles, Your uncle.. "Looking over his shoulder at the lit up town below he gazed at the letter and then back and forth between the two. It seemed like he was actually trying to believe this and wanted to find the truth out weather or not this is actually his long lost uncle. His confusion turned to actions not telling anyone of the trip he packed his bag and scraped up an old car that he would take with him. He had left on a chilly night when it all seem so real that he actually would get to see someone that he knew before. The moon was full and everything seem right, on the night he left there was no call on where he had been. As far as The Trust knows he is gone and is not responding to comms. The void of unknown filled him and the trip began."
  7. P R O L O G U E "Leonard sat and gazed at the fire looking deep inside watching the flames lick at the wood, it was a cool night and the moon was bright above. The woods just south of Gorka were quiet and little cracks and shuffles could be heard deep within the woods hallows. He sat watching the fire ablaze while trying to regain back his train of thought and get a grasp on the current situation. What made it even worse was that he did not think that The Trust was going to pull through this time that he would have to let go of everything and everyone that he knew here that hit him hard and did not know what to do His surroundings engulfed him and he became lost for a moment just hearing the crackling from the fire. First his vision became faded and his memory's flooded back to him all at once on what brought him to the exact moment"
  8. Leonard rolls over in his sleeping bag and climbs out and rests over the side rail of the deer stand overlooking Mysta. He watches as the town begins to become lit like a flame from the rising sun. Taking a deep breathe he wonders will there be a future for The Trust or will it fall out as so many groups do. Sitting back he reaches into his bag and pulls out his radio and dials in on a certain frequency. There is not a day that my past haunts me and what i would do to take it back... But i believe that there are still people to save and things to be done to be the real person I am. Mrs Scarlet... I would wish to meet with you and discuses an offer i have. Anytime, Any location, church out. He climbs off the stand and takes a seat on the ground to watch the sun rise.
  9. Leonard Church

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    -*- Church hears the broken up transmission and the voice that in which is calling behind the static. Filled with anger he picks up the radio and puts his other hand to his temple.-*- So... You are still alive. I go dark for almost an entire month being tortured and literally being on the brink of me snapping and losing all the sanity i have left. (The sound of repeated slamming against the car hood sent the radio shaking, the slamming became louder and louder until a gun cock could be heard and a bang causing the transmission to go silent)
  10. Leonard Church

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    -*- Church was searching through some old cars at an old abandon gas station when he could hear voices coming from inside of his car he grabbed his radio and took a pause before speaking-*- You are right, there is no more good in me. After what I have been trough the past couple of weeks yea i could say the same. -*- He waited and calm down and put his hood up and began to respond back to the women-*- That kid? He is a very very dangerous individual.. For over 2 weeks he tortured me to the point where i almost cracked.. Beating me to almost death.. Hooking me up to a car battery and giving me shocks to just keep me alive.. He even took one of my fingers.. He may seem like an innocent kid but he is insane and crazier then me.. Day in and day out he would slowly do whatever his fucked up heart desired.. He ambushed me when i was traveling north and brought me back to one of his shacks... There were people hung up by giant hooks..(Begins to whisper) He cutt them up and eat them.. Not just adults but small children as well.. That fucker would of ate me too if it was not for that book.. He read everything but only cared about the people and how good they would taste.. This is a living demon and stay away from him whatever you do.(Cocks his gun and talks in a deep and jagged voice) You know that's where i have been all of this time. So you have the right idea John.. I am done with this shit.. I am taking matters in to my own hand. -Church out -*- The radio falls silent
  11. Leonard Church

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    -*- A unknown break in the channels frequency could be heard but it was left quiet til and unclear voice could be heard -*- You know not knowing if you have enough time to stop yourself from bleeding out has made me wonder.. Am i really feeling this pain or is it all in my head. Your will to fight.. to see another sun rise.. to even see those that you have come close to know. In those few dark minutes everything flooded back to me. The pain, the memories, the nightmares, my family... This is the last time i am going to be put in the dirt. My final chapter is coming to a end.. and as for me i am coming home. (The sound of an engine starting up and a pop echoed through the frequency). Church out... -*- The a loud crash could be heard and then the radio going silent-*-
  12. Leonard Church

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    Jacob sits reading through the journal when the radio that is placed in-front of him goes off. It appears that the transmission is coming back from 108.7 with a sigh of relief he picks up the radio and starts the message. "Where ever you would prefer.. Thank you.."
  13. Leonard Church

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    Jacob lays awake on the hill over looking Stary. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a slip of paper that has 108.7 "Trust", he sighs and brings out his radio and sets the channel. The line is quite and pushes down the button breaking the deep silence. "Hello..? My name is Jacob and I would wish to meet with your group. It is very important and i think that you wish to find out what has happen to your friend Leonard." He allows the transmission to go silent and then speaks again. "I know you won't believe me but it is true he was in a accident up north and he told me to leave him.. I swear i could not put myself through that. Please god respond to me. There might still a chan--" The transmission cuts out and goes dead.
  14. Listen to Leonard approaches the building that was described inside the letter from his apparent uncle. It was resting on a high peak over the black mountains, A small cabin was right in the middle of the clearing. He slowly crept up to the front door of the cabin and held his pistol in hand and knocked on the door. Footsteps could be heard closing in for the door until they stopped just on the other side. He slowly turned the knob and the door creaked open. Before Leonard could react a scream came from inside and a bloody man came charging after him and tackled him to the ground. Leonard fired off two rounds hitting the man once in the chest and one in the leg sending him to the ground. In the moment he had fallen down on come some old rusty bear traps that sliced through his side. His vision faded in and out and the sound of a man screaming hey could be heard. "SIR! SIR! ARE YOU OKAY, MY NAME IS JACOB" "My backpack get it.." Blood gushed out and he screamed for the man to hurry "What now..? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" "My radio please set it to 108.7.." "Here take it but we have to stop the bleeding!" "Hey guys... It's me church.. it is not looking too good. Ha*Bloody coughing* This will be my last transmission and i want it to be with the people I love. You all were there for me thick and thin even with the fact I have killed people in cold blood, But thank you for being m-m-my family. *A low sob could be heard* Take care of each other, keep moving forward and know when it gets ba-d-d I'll be watching." The transmission cuts out Leonard hands the boy a journal. "Take this you will know everything.. go to them and protect them......" Listen to,