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  1. Went to Cherno to meet up with @Oy. We hung out for a bit before Oy asked if we could go AFK in one of the apartments because he had to do something quickly IRL. We noticed the room we went into had furniture, and decided to check out some of the other rooms when we noticed a locker. Decided to check it and saw there was items inside it, decided to go through the entire complex to see if there was a stash and found one apartment with a few lockers, a tent and a barrel with some food in it.

    I asked @Wolfen who was with, afaik, @APositiveElmo at the time. I asked if she wanted some of the guns we found, and she did, and they were also currently on their way to Cherno. 

    I don't remember all the items I took, but I did take some duct tape, guns, mags and food. I do admit I left a bit of a mess with the food as I have made it a habit of not entirely finish cans of food, sodas and cereals (leaving about 1% so it doesn't disappear completely) so I can throw it around. The only thing I emptied out was the barrel, which I tried bringing with me, but I didn't get very far with it.

    I have no recordings or screenshots.

    EDIT: The last screenshot @C__H_A_S__E uploaded was something I left, it must've been overlooked as someone (can't remember who it was) wanted the mags and bullets and I said I left it in the stairwell. I was already out of the apartments when I said that so I never confirmed if anyone picked it up.

  2. Maja Stordahl's POV: 

    Arrived in Grishino, the bois are already following this one chick who is walking towards the end of the town. I arrive from the direction she is walking. She also seems to prefer walking in @Storm's direction. We surround her. It's my job to initiate on her, so I wait until she faces away from me, as per instruction, before I drop the initiation. I don't really catch what she is saying because TeamSpeak is loud and I got shit-cheap-earplugs that sometimes only gives sound in my left ear, so all voices just mush together. Anyways, we tell her to drop her two weapons, she drops the one in her hand, but does not drop the one on her back. Thought she was having problems dropping it, suddenly vanishes while one of the boys are counting down.

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