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"I am Asian and I cannot grow hair on my body"

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  1. So I have been thinking about this statement of yours:


    And I have an idea for you! You host a competition where someone writes a short story that can be of for example in-game events, forum stuff or just anything that comes to their mind. They write what should be on each image and submit it to you. The winner is drawn. 


    1. Bunny


      I mean, yeah, but I am a massive procastinator, and drawing is hard work. If someone writes an elaborate story with many frames, and all that, its gonna be hard work and can take up to a week or even more to complete, even with only 9 frames.

      I am shit at angles and expressions and all that, and I dont know how to draw guys properly, and there are many guys here who will make the main character a guy and... ugh u_u

      I really dont know. I'll think about it.

    2. Bunny


      omg guy anatomy is different to female anatomy, it has to do with fat distribution, posture and all that. ITS NOT THAT EASY!