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    Not everyone, including me, is very enthusiastic about Christmas.

    Last year I only celebrated it because of my little 4 year old sister. My dad wanted me to dress up as Santa, because when we were kids someone would always dress up as Santa and give us presents. I declined, because why the fuck would I dress up for something I don't even like. Norwegian traditional Christmas is already too much for me. However, we were half way through unwrapping presents when my grandma called my name, handed me a bag of the Santa outfit and the gift for my sister. I went downstairs and was a little annoyed, I was being forced into being Santa. It's not like I wanted to create a fit and ruin Christmas for everyone. I had already been in DayZRP for 4 months roughly, so I tought to myself, "YEAH, LET'S GET THE RP GAME ON!" and went full in. I ho-ho-ho'd up the stairs, took a few pictures with my sister, handed her the present, asked if she had been a good girl this year etc. The mask was scary af tbh, and it was missing the elastic strap on the back of it, so I had to shove it up my Santa hoodie and hope to god it wouldn't fall off.

    Regardless of my AMAZING act, I think my sister realized half way though it that it was me.


    My black hair even pokes through it. I also couldn't see, good thing I have a good memory of my surroundings.

    * * * * * * *

    Now, why do I think its Christmas already? Well, me, Storm and my mom went out to town today to buy some candles and lights. She had already bought us red curtains (which looks pretty af) and a huge golden star that you hang up in your window. When we got back, I checked my mail and saw that I had a package. "Wait... It cant be... It was removed?!". I was very confused and excited at the same time.

    Prior to the website change, I created a design for the T-Shirt contest, which luckily enough got selected by Lord Rolle himself. I won myself a t-shirt and the award that came with it. However, I was told that it would take a few days before I'd receive it, and this week I asked Rolle about it. He told me the design got taken down by the site for "copyright", which made me sad. But I understand.

    I ripped open the package, and there my beautiful diva blue t-shirt was.

    http://puu.sh/sufyC/eeb5833ef7.png     http://puu.sh/sufrO/9c0389f16f.png

    Only problem with this shirt. Its a little tight on the top, as well as the image being placed right where my boobs curve, which makes it look very unflattering on me. I wish the design was higher up. Other than that, I love this diva blue color!

    I also made this gif!


    Realized the hair kida grows in on itself, but bleh :3
    I would've also made this longer, but I got lazy.

    * * * * * * *

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    1. bunny


      Oh, I forgot to thank @Rolle for the T-Shirt!
      Thank you!

    2. SweetJoe


      Thank you for the story.

    3. bunny


      Welcome to my blog!

    4. Jamie


      This is pretty dope tbh Bunny. <3