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    I was setting up my OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) with a plugin which shows the server time in the top left corner, I got to thinking, "What more can I add? I want to personalize this". I have no future plans in gaming videoes, so it wouldn't matter what I add to OBS that isn't for my own personal enjoyment. I mean, I record every time I go In-Game, but usually only upload clips when there is a moment I persoanlly find funny, or if I am unlucky enough to be involved in a report. May that be one I created myself or one I have been called into (which has yet to happen btw ;3). That is roughly 90% of my recordings that will never be watched by the outside eye.

    I went searching on good ol' Google. I found some good high quality gifs with good repeats, but they weren't cutting it for me. Some have probably seen this one before.

    tumblr, https://67.media.tumblr.com/37f3f28412b92bedb4305cf16219445d/tumblr_n143rjKWns1sau89xo1_500.gif

    It is a fairly popular pixel bunny gif. However, it was too stereotypical for me, so I decided to look a bit further. And found this sketchy, SUPER ADORABLE and cute gif of a bunnylump and one of thos things from My Neighboor Totoro.

    giphy, https://media.giphy.com/media/DZgSGwTVg1lxm/giphy.gif

    Sadly I don't know where the originals of those two gifs are, so I can't properly credit the creators *sadface*.
    However, I tought to myself, "Why can't I just make one myself?", honestly, I already have a design in mind. I mean, a few years ago when I thought I was cool, I made myself a logo. But I know a lot of people have done this, I mean, who isn't a little self-centered sometimes? You just want to put your mark on the world.

    I opened photoshop and got to sketching. This wasn't going to take long, and it honestly just took me 15 minutes. It would've been shorter if I didn't spend time experimenting with shading. I made the dimensions 200x200, but I trimmed the drawing when I was done so there would be no unnecessary blank spaces.

    When I was done with the sketch, turned down the opacity, created a new layer, and sketched on top of that - Which I repeated twice, until I had three seperate sketches.


    I colored each sketch seperately to allow the picture to be more fluid, and not just a stiff image with moving lines. I then went on to create a frame for each layer+color, and set the time to 0.2 seconds, as any higher would make the movement too slow for me, and any faster would just be too much.


    Proudly I added my gif to my OBS, and it is cute and squigly in the corner, and will continue to be the next time I go In-Game. Unless I find it annoying and remove it.


    However there is an ugly white border around it, which does not show up in Photoshop or in the link itself. But somehow it shows up here on the forum as well as on OBS.

    * * * * *

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    Maybe I'll even make it squigly, or just make a simple animation!