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  1. bunny



    I recently learned from Storm (and by recently I mean today) that you, as a regular community member, can check what people are doing on Steam without having them on your friend list or searching them up on steam through the forum!

    How amazing is that?!


    Firstly, if you want your privacy violated more on this forum, click on the "Steam Profile" tab. Then click "Options" and select "Update". This will take a few seconds (took me like 10), and you will see details about your steam, RIGHT HERE ON THE FORUM! WOW!



    Look at this! Its my steam profile picture, information about my recent adventures in various games, as well as a list of icons over ALL my steam games!
    I find this very cool and exciting, so sorry my enthusiasm.

    I think after that, it will update automatically. But I've seen people who are whitelisted and have done the steam intergration not have this activated.

    Anyways, if you now wanna know what your non-steam-friends-but-dayzrp-community-friends are doing, or just spy on your enemies, simply hover over their names on the forum (Online list is perfect, and even the Profile Visitors list) and wait for the box to show up.

    Lets see what Storm is doing.


    Oh, and you also get a lot of other information about them, including groups, and you can quickly message them. Anyways, if you hover over the green "In Game" button, it will say what game he is currently playing.


    I know that I will be spying my enemies without visiting their profiles like this from now on. Because, you know, people will obviously have the "Recent Visitors"-list activated, so I'd like if they didn't see me spy on them ;-)

    Follow me, tell your friends, subscribe, give a like!
    We are close to 10 followers now!

    1. stargirl


      Thanks for this helpful tid bit Bunny!!! <3

    2. bunny


      No problem, this is my first blog, just trying out x3

    3. Roland


      That's amazing. Who would be the great person that add such an awesome feature?

    4. bunny


      @Charlie Yeah, privacy doesn't exist here anymore!

      @Rolle I AGREE, I LIKE SPYING ON MY ENEMIES! *Looks at your steam status*