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    Gif banner is my new love. When the site was under construction and I had the ability to play around (mostly just memeing) on the test-forum, I was sad to see that transparency on avatars did not exist within the four walls of this forum, and because of this I was convinced that gif could not work either. However this changed, and we now have beautiful gif avatars with the endless posibilities to customize our page. (Except the color red, which I wish we could have the option to fix).

    I noticed, and have been bothered by my own gif banner. It looks choppy. I tried giving it a pulsating effect, using the 'Outer Glow' effect on Photoshop, adding one pixel per new frame on the glow size. Even if this would work perfectly in theory, as one pixel is very tiny, the glow effect sucks.

    Btw, the banner size is rougly 1268x200 for anyone who wonders. At least I think it is.



    I also moved the text a little bit to make it seem more centered above the page. I want the text to be over the statuses and user-activities, rather than centered in the middle.

    Hopefully no one ruins this by using a banner with flashing colors, and we are told that gif banners aren't allowed.

    OH, and also!
    Attachments fucking suck. I'm gonna stick with the usual copy/paste method.


    If you have followed me, sorry, but you will be spammed with facebook-like statuses.
    I am gonna treat this like a blog.

    Follow me for more content! :3
    Vlogging soon

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      Sure :3

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      Gonna be famous on DayZRP!

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      Thx i worked hard :33