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"I am Asian and I cannot grow hair on my body"

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  1.  5nXatQM.png

    nuff said

    1. Lucius



    2. Bunny
    3. Ellie



    4. Ark


      What the fuck is this.....

  2. I really only came on to leave this message.

    This is coming from the bottom of my heart, and I feel it's important that I say this. I owe you all a big thank you for signing up for me on JimRP's giveaway. My mental health hasn't been good for a while now, and recently it has been really bad. When Mugin told me he was asking around for people to sign up on my behalf so I might get my own computer again, I cried, and I honestly cried about this for 2 days. So when I saw all of you amazing people sing up for me, it was so overwhelming and it made me feel actual happiness (and this has been a rare occurance recently).

    I didn't ask any of you to sign up for me, and I honestly thank you all for putting a smile on my face. Thank you all so much that you would give up your chance of winning this super amazing computer for me, that I didn't even ask for or sign up for myself.

    Sorry for the sob, but it has made me feel so much better, and I felt it was important to tell you. I don't care that I didn't win, I'm just genuinely happy to feel like this. Again, thank you all so much!

    @Nathan Osbourne@MeenMuginLovin@Storm@Jack the Ripper@Ladybug@Aiko@Tony@Defiance

    1. Aiko



      I love you so much!

    2. Tony

      Heh, I wouldn't even be aware you were in this situation if Mugin hadn't told me. That guy has a mass of fucks to give for ya (:

    3. Keira


      I love you Bunny. I miss you very much.

  3. am docto do u requir medical assista

  4. Goodbye for now DerpyRP.

    No point of hanging around anymore. Been 7, almost 8 months without my own PC. Can't please my RP or gaming urges or hang out with friends on a regular basis. I'll be leaving the community (for now) until I can sort out my own PC or save up enough for a laptop. Friends can reach me on Steam/Snapchat, might be on TS from time to time, but don't count on it.

    See you on the other side bitches. 

    ps: dont message me and ask about this, the reason is literally above.

    1. Jamie


      y are u leavin tho

      Bye Bnunny <3

    2. Keira


      Ill miss you :(

    3. Lucius


      See you soon, Bunny

      Hopefully you can get a new one soon

    4. Oliv


      eh, you ain't going anywhere, it'll be pretty much the same as now

      more or less, I'm calling BS

    5. Ark


      I agree with the Canadian for once.

    6. Oliv


      don't patronize me, southern neighbour

    7. Keira


      Can we still play spyfall?

    8. Ark


      Jog on northern pest.

    9. Ramon


      Thake care Bunny <3

    10. Docto Ouface
    11. MeenMuginLovin


      I'd say you'd be missed, but I am literally talking to you as I type this...

  5. @Estrogirl Z, I really enjoyed our interaction, even if it was short! (totally check this out) @MeenMuginLovin you know it already homie
  6. Alina's Memories

    Alina's memories from her travels and experiences alone and with people.
  7. Ashby looking dope af

  8. Taking Inventory

    No and yes. Took like max 10 minutes tbh, would've been shorter if I didn't keep moving shit
  9. tumblr_ovnbpbVZIQ1tbx1dwo1_540.png


    Fucking Ali

    1. Docto Ouface

      Docto Ouface

      Looks good! I have no more beanz, so take this


    2. Bunny


      Heinz Beanz is good for your heart
      The more you eat, the more you fart

    3. Hellspawn


      Art like this deserves a can of beanz.

  10. Ashby looking dope af

  11. Making DayZ Prettier

    One photoshop at a time.
  12. tumblr_ovl9v98wSQ1tbx1dwo1_1280.png

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    You must have royally fecked up somehow! :D