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    Acknowledging background noise...

    I have to admit, background noise is one of the things I tend to dread when I'm on the microphone (with the PC being in the middle of a corridor, sometimes the odd background conversation gets caught every now and again) and it's probably one of the reasons I'm put off hopping on the server during some hours. But it is reassuring how calm people are for it In the event background noise does go crazy, how would people feel about converting to text responses?
  2. Howdy folks, just submitted my application yesterday and figured I'd pop in here and say hi Have played DayZ off and on for a little while with a group of friends who recommended the site to me, and figured I'd also give a shot at going at the RP scene. I've pretty much been writing in a text based environment for about three years, so the voice rp should be quite entertaining and challenging. Gaming wise, I mostly play whatever takes my fancy at the time and the steam summer/winter sales tend to be the bane of my wallet. All time favourites for me have pretty much been EVE Online which I unfortunately ran out of spare time to invest in and Crusader Kings 2, amongst a few others which I won't mention unless you like this post flooded with a list of games I'm not a person of many words when it comes to these introductory posts, so I'd just like to finish by saying I look forward to bumping into some of you in the crazy journeys of Cheranus if I succeed in my application.