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  1. sam scratch

    Boston's Videos/Screenshots

    nice...will keep an eye on this one
  2. sam scratch

    Chernarus Got Talent Thank You & Media Thread

    were does the benji man go to claim him cash prize....i was clearly da best
  3. sam scratch

    Chernarus' Got Talent Event- Auditions being Held

    someone throw pumpkin at the benji but it be good voodoo...benji eat it later ya mon
  4. i actually died that night from the bad voodoo cow meat lmao you take peaches from benji ...you be bad voodoo man of the deathrow but yeah its actually hard not to laugh when im playing as benji its alot of fun
  5. just to add a bit further from my pov...people were talking about shoo being shot and the shooting that happened between shoo's killer and his friend i believe ...attention was still on the tower as the incident up there was still unfolding...me and dusty lovett and a couple of others were not involved with that..we were getting away from the tower because lead was flying dusty managed to get inside the admin bulding...i tried to follow but the door was locked so i went around the back of the admin building as i believed that was the only threat...i personally was unaware of the entire compound being initiated on...i saw the guy who was circling the compound and attempted to ask him what was happening...he wouldn't have known i was there at all if i had not spoken to him...i wasnt trying to hide i was simply standing there confused...i spoke out he turns and im dead...KOS im not really salty about it just a little disappointed because he could have told me hands up and walk ahead of me into the compound to join the hostages ...an opportunity for rp was lost in my case...thats all i cared about as i was enjoying the rp with my friend dusty when it seemed like all of a sudden people showed up who just wanted to shoot everything..kind of like a call of duty match...anyway that's my pov on it
  6. the reason i was behind was because of the shooting in the tower....i thought it was someone inside of the tower that said hands up ....no idea there was a group attacking i did ask what was going on in voice ..you didnt have to kill me like that
  7. i was shot dead by a person when i said to him "do you know what's happening? something going down"
  8. i was stood behind the main building and shot dead...the initiation was not clear as there was an incident in the tower i didn't know if it was about that or everyone....i saw a guy over the fence and asked him what was going on when i was gunned down immediately