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    Outfits for Roleplaying

    I usually go full military gear and have my inventory packed like you would in the army, (gasmask, canteen, gascooker, field shovel, combat knife, beanie, rainjacket) and move around in peaceful areas with a beanie or beret, when in combat a helmet of somesort and perhaps the gasmask. I tend to just go with the "grunt" character, just takes orders and is basic cannon fodder for his superiors.
  2. Joshi

    Zelector (Character Creation Tool)

    A bit of a militaristic theme here. Heavy NBC Trooper, Eastern influence.
  3. Hello everyone! Old RP'er here! Started from SWG back in 2005 and use to keep an rp guild there before the game pretty much went to the gutter. I like Rp events and especially enjoy playing in a military/paramilitary type situation so looking forward to apply myself to any group there willing to put me through trials! I'm a fairly laid back person and enjoy good banter so hope my application will go through the first round and looking forward to be part of the community! Cheers!