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  1. Some back story of our characters Ashford and Reece (me & my friend) are chavs who still live in a bubble that they see as the streets of England. They have attitude and Ashford tries to keep the two alive. we were travelling through Vybor, Kabanino, Stary Sobor & Novy Sobor looking for people to RP with. We were using the excuse of being followed and we came in to Kabanino and began looking for the water fountain to which multiple strange men appeared from the garden. Our characters spoke and the strangers immediately begin to have a problem with the way our characters spoke (Reece Pritchard used the term "enit") and the player shown in the recorded evidence screaming at 9:30 was constantly being aggressive provoking us into either leaving the area or staying and fighting. Our characters chose to leave the area because we *Valued our lives* and then whilst we were jogging up the hill we decided loop back round to Kabanino near the pump and continue the RP at which point we found out they had left. Further up the road there were 3 people stood behind the fence. We approached these people asking whether they had seen the group from before and then told them about what happened. Later a person travels down the hill and begins to RP with Reece and they use gang warfare references, Reece then brawls in a fist fight with the "stranger" and Reece wins the fight. The stranger then tells us his name is "Izzy" and the characters have a new found respect for each other. shortly after the trio begin to talk about drugs and in particular "weed" of which a doctor with a gas-mask introduces himself after overhearing and begins to offer various drugs. We then use some of his drugs and then are offered to "protect" the doctor in his travels. shortly after the doctor heads to his storage shed and yells. Reece and myself go to the aid of the doctor behind the shop to find the "Customer" we question whether the "Customer" has been inside of the shed and then he denies to which our characters are relieved. "Izzy" sees the person and calls them his customer and begins to barter with him and offer clothes in exchange for Winchester ammunition. The "customer" has nothing that "Izzy" wants so he takes his jacket back. The "Customer" then started calling names using the term "fish market" to which Reece chased after him and began to hold him at gun point but then settled with a brawl which resulted in Reece knocking the "Customer" unconscious and then after more confrontation the "Customer" heads to a house on the hill and then one by one people head over to see what is happening. I head over to settle any confusion to which I am followed by "Reece" and the "Doctor" and then shortly after we were then killed. I could hear around my body after death that they continued to hassle the "doctor" and constant aggression was shown even though he posed no threat at any point and was completely compliant. [EDIT] The people who shot didn't know the character that had recently fought Reece, it is clear that in the video their characters had not met before (In the video they call the character "Stu" to which the "Customer" corrects them and says his name is "Tim") This means that they were not apart of a group with each other. It is likely that they knew each other OOC but they did not share KOS rights. You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions: You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence You were recently a part of the involved parties group.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-KOS-Possible-Metagaming Why the verdict is not fair: The Verdict 'IS' fair and I am requesting it to be removed as I am sharing my POV. Its stated in the report that I need to share my POV to get the ban lifted. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Me and Jorah were heading Gvozdno to try to meet up with Judge (and then we where going to head to the airfield). Then we meet Thaddeus, He tells us that were in severograd. Then we get yelled to drop our guns and put our hands up by a group of guys and then search us for radios. We never had any this was due to me loosing my radio earlier due to RP (Before that point I was in contact with judge and told him that "I think we were in either Gvozdno or Severograd"). Then we are placed in corners of a construction building, Jorah argues with his captors and gets knocked unconscious. whilst he is unconscious they ask for me to drop my belongings (backpack). I think my hands (In-Game) were glitched so it did not allow me to drop my backpack but it was soon fixed when I put my hands down to drop my backpack. Then I am searched for weapons and radio again, and then finds nothing apart from "only water" as I state in-game. Then they ask me what I was doing in severograd and I inform them of my friend coming down from the north west airfield, They ask me to get in contact with him but my character does not have a radio so I inform them In-Character that I cant. Then I am handed a radio in which I contact him through team speak and tell him that "I'm going to be late due to a detour" we both know that this is unusual and that he would have taken this a "cry for help". And then he asks how many there are and I say that "its 6 o'clock" (around 6 people) I couldn't count them properly. Immediately the radio is taken from me and I do not speak to him from then onwards. I hear some gun shots and I get told not to move, I see a dead body in a doorway and I stay tooked in the corner because I didn't know what was happening . The survivors tell Jorah to move into the "Closet" that I was in, then after a short time let us go, telling us to go west. At the edge of town, I wanted to meet with judge so I was trying to get Jorah to stay in a gas station and wait to see if he heads west for us, We then meet Judge, he returns with me to the town in an attempt to loot the bodies while Jorah continued west without us. On our way back to the town I "Find" a radio and begin talking through TS and slowly and cautiously make our way back to the construction building. We notice a group of people on a road nearby with a female we thought they we holding up but we couldn't tell. We chose to stay well away and avoid them completely. After getting to the construction site we find my bag still on the floor, I pick it up and then we decide to head back for Jorah, and making it to the edge of the town again I find that its getting late so I go off for the night. (this was not to avoid confrontation). What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the lift/removal of my ban/blacklist. What could you have done better?: I feel I should have checked DAYZRP more often to discover the report against me. I could have shared my POV sooner.