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  1. Bob was always scared, afraid of what might come. Terrified of what might go wrong or what might hurt him, but that was then. Bob was already afraid of everything that might hurt him or his precious possesions. He was hiding away from people away from responsibility deep in the shadows. Because the only thing that is dear in Bob's eyes is his secret possesions. Not even his closest friends knew about his "things". sometimes Bob didn't even know if he could pick himself up anymore, because if you keep a secret long enough it swallows you whole. The way the world is now suits Bob's needs much better he can do what he want, no one is accusing Bob of anything anymore. The rules are his to make, "everyone is going to die anyway why can't i just do it for them". Bob is quite uniqe but it doesn't show unless you know what to look for. The heavy breathing when tempted, shrieks and laughs as you try to run away. The last thing you will notice is that his trembling and cold hands as he wraps them around your neck. The only thing keeping Bob mind in the right place is his search for the one. The one that escaped and stood up to him. Bob is relentless to find the one that knows all his deep secrets, threatning to throw is mind off balance. The secret that is consuming Bob whole is starting to escape with the one who got... away. In his journey to solve all his problems he might look fine, maybe even a litte happy but trust me he is not fine. He won't stop until all his possesions are freed from all the pain. now the only thing keeping Bob from greatness is himself and his outlook on the world, but he'll get there and when he does maybe he will find peace again.
  2. Axxlet

    S1 No care for hostage - 18-01-2016, 20:20

    we don't have any video but op maybe has.
  3. Axxlet

    S1 No care for hostage - 18-01-2016, 20:20

    snip- Pov. My ign is Dominika bogdan(the one who got captured). so i was walking down stary to met my friends who were in kabanino and on there way to stary. I meet maybe 3 people one lady who says that she wants to follow me to kabanino and i don't really mind because i have friends on the way to meet me. about 1 minute out of stary the woman says that me and her should have some private talk so she takes me in to the field and the initiates on me and says that we are going to keep running up the field. At this point im telling my friends that im getting initiated on and there on the way. So we run untill the woman says to pick up the pace and i see about 5 people running after us, i didn't know that the people running after us was our friends untill i hear Miku Bogdan scream so i stop and tell the lady that captured me to stop or get shot. So we keep chasing her friends untill we get them to a tree line and sits her down, we have some scarring and and some hostage rp with her untill a few of our guys captures one of her friend(this would be you) that says that your friend accidentaly blew himself up. So we keep him standing infront of a tree untill i knock him out. He wasn't getting up so we tried to get him up(it was probably a glitch), after awhile of trying i kill him and let the hostage go.
  4. Axxlet

    No time to comply/RDM S2

    https://vid.me/xHp9 sorry it took time didn't think i saved the video. We speak swedish on ts AlOT but you will hear key things that cedric scream
  5. Axxlet

    BadRP S1 Stary

    Again, ill only say this one last time. Please only post relevant and useful information from this point on. This will be your last and final warning. Also as I've previously stated.. Post your detailed POV about the situation. pov - so me and my two friends have gotten in to stary and there is two people there a trader and a guy thats saying that the trader was part of the group that robbed him, so me and my friends set up a court and a bunch of people start to come by and want to be in the jury. So after a while the judge(one of my friends)take the the two guys away so the jury can make a deccision on whos the guilty and what punishment for the guilty. so we are about 8 ppl around a fire and op disconnected so we started deciding without him so we decided that that the trader or the guy in the red was guilty and as punishment i suggested that we could cut of his dick as a joke, this is were op joins and another guy says that we should carve him or brand him. i think op heard what i said allitle out of context. after the accused had left because op had told him that we where going to do something to him the judge asks what happend and op pointed at me and said that it was me who suggested to shop of his "little thing" they start chasing me and that kinda the end of story we split up everyone leaves and me and my two friends keep rping and enjoying the rest of the night.
  6. Axxlet

    BadRP S1 Stary

    can we talk in ts about the whole situation and the jury thing was kinda goofy, i really wish that we can sort this out. I attempted to talk to you over TS and you claim that you take your roleplay serious, Also more things to state, You didnt have any information to add other than your character is an insane 72 year old that lost her kids causing her to go crazy. As i began to ask you about what is the mental illness, and you avoid the conversation. Then you begin to tell me to leave "Your Channel" Which I'm sure is the Public channel used for all. But I left. You also keep on running around at a quite fast pace for a 72 year old lady, But running around faster then men in their prime. When i asked you in to ts i was just gonna see if you would consider taking down the report after discussing what i did wrong and how i could fix it. But no you started asking question after question and it got annoying so one of my buddys in the room wrote on steam that we should just ask you to leave, so thats what i did. So lets leave the rest to the admins beacuse thats what you wanted.
  7. Axxlet

    BadRP S1 Stary

    With that being said, I'd like to remove the Underaged Report but keep the BadRP can we talk in ts about the whole situation and the jury thing was kinda goofy, i really wish that we can sort this out.
  8. I just want to say that as we talked to one of your men on the road we had also seen that another guy had been followed us and was pointing his gun at us so we didnt wanna be involved with you so we ran as we clearly saw that you wanted to rob us. Oh and here is the video Magicmike uploaded,.
  9. Server and location: S1 vavilovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:46 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Magdile Mumford Names of allies involved: Windston Mumford Name/Skin of suspect/s: The irish Suspects weapon/s: Fists Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Yes just need to upload it Detailed description of the events: Me and Winston was heading to a town past vavilovo to set up a base i was carrying a barrel, and as we where running in the trees above lapetino i think and we see a guy in the town who is running another direction so we just keep running to our destination we, we run down to a road that goes out of lapetino and keep running. at this point we have noticed that the man we saw earlier is following us in the tree line besides us it was very obvious. Anyways we keep running and we see a man on the road we go up to him and say hello he i can't quite remember what he says but as hes talking i look back and the guy who had been following us was pointing his gun at us so we quickly say that we should be on our way. We run over a field to avoid a town and we see that the two men are chasing us, more and more of them keep appearing until there is about 6-8 people chasing us so we run even further until we get to a tree line we had accepted that we were going to get robbed so we try to hide in some bushes but shortly after they come and initiate. they take our radio and and bags and tie us up. TheJuggernut starts to talk about winstons dad raping him and beating him and starts knocking winston out with out reason ever time he got up TheJuggernu would ask a stupid question and knock him out when he was done talking to winston he started talking to me we talked abit about how winston was raised, then he started knocking me out without reason. he ended up killing winston because he hit him in the chest to many times. I think it was a really shitty experience, there was only one guy talking and the other 7 people stood still and looted.
  10. POV, my name is Magdile Mumford and my friend was peter condolem. I had just logged in me and my friend decided that we were gonna rob someone beacuse peter had been killed the other night, so i was just about to meet peter in rogovo and i see a flare, so i go check it out there is a guy there so i thought it was Peter because the server only had about 10 - 15 people on. So i talk to him in teamspeak, turns out it wasn't peter so i introduce myself and said hello, we talked allitle bit i had muted ts at this point. Peter came up and didn't say anything and suddnly without warning he initiated we hadn't really planned ahead so we didn't have any rope or something to tie OP up with. The situation was handled bad by us. When i uasually rob people with my "Group" it usually turns out diffrently that we rp for quite some time but it all didn't go as planned and im so sorry. if you wanna talk on ts my name is Axxlet on ts so poke me whenever and we can talk, im so fucking sorry that this happaned to you.
  11. The video you provided cuts from one scene to another, clearly this has been edited. Please provide your full and unedited footage. That is all the evidence i got and its edited because its two seperatly recorded videos and it would just be quiker to upload it in one clip instead of 2, and i clearly state that its been recorded seperatly to eachother "Here is the evidence the first clip was made with the playback feature on shadowplay and the second part was manually recorded"
  12. Do you have a recording from when your friend got killed? Frank, does anyone from Saoirse have a recording from this event? no sorry i dont have a recording of that, but im uploading further evidence after they shot my friend without reason in the leg and denying me food so ill post it soon. Here is the second evidence https://vid.me/x0jB
  13. the reason i went ooc was because they denied me food ooc and in character and i accidentaly tabbed out and i could't jogg so i wrote ooc because they were going to kill me and the whole situation was confusing, i have video evidence of them denieng me food when i was starving. And i have video of them shooting bjorn hitcher in the leg with out reason. Here is the evidence the first clip was made with the playback feature on shadowplay and the second part was manually recorded. https://vid.me/KmwX This is rediculous i was starving and you shot a compliant hostage, you clearly don't care about our health. I want to add that they also said some pretty vulgar stuff like for example that i had throat cancer and that my dad had shoved his big cock down my throat or raped me, and i mean i get you play as asshole character but was that really necessary.
  14. his name may have been jeffrey william at the time, and Peter wasn't really involved because he didn't know i got shot at and had muted sound for various reasons