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  1. I'm a proper newbie, wow wee doodlidoo. How do I find the passphrase??? /s So alot has changed it seems. A total lore wipe? Smashing. I'll be around for a bit.
  2. A couple of years before a devastating civil war, Osman Jawari was born in the ancient port city of Merca, Somalia. His most early years are shrouded in death and stagnation, and even if you asked Osman about it, he's either unwilling to speak of it or he has long forgotten of it. Early in his life he was forcibly enrolled in a local religious militia group and left Merca. He quickly realised the apparent disastrous political landscape and made a choice based on his lack of belief in the extremist militia group's views, that he was enrolled in, and having no social bonds left in his homeland, he chose to leave. A Ukraine based cargo ship, carrying various military equipment and vehicles, was en route from Sevastopol and was making a quick supply stop in Merca. As they had continued the venture south, they discovered a young Somali man hiding out around the equipment. Some of the personnel made an attempt to throw Osman overboard, but were abruptly stopped by the Chief Officer who by humanitarian ideals refused the apparent manslaughter attempted by the personnel. As they've already continued onwards, it'd be an obvious economical disaster to turn the ship around for a mere hitchhiker. After some tacky translations, the Russian born Chief Officer made an arrangement with Osman, having him working as a deckhand in exchange for food and a basic bedroll. Proving his worth by working hard he befriended the crew and officers, and began to learn the russian language. He was granted an unofficial contract to continue working on the freighter and headed out on many more cruises around the seas. One day as the freighter was going through the straits of Malacca, it came under attack by local Malaysian pirates. A firefight broke out and Osman took arms to help defend the cargo ship which had taken him in from the violent south-east asian pirates. He successfully defended from the attack and showed a natural efficiency with tactical warfare. Awarded for his efforts, he was granted asylum in Ukraine. Contacts helped him finding employment and training in a mercenary group based in Crimea, where he remained for a long while, taking on semi-legal mercenary work in various places around the Black Sea. Years later, after being stationed by a Russian symphatiser group in the troubled Chechnya, chance made him stop in a run down place called South Zagoria. Edited: 17-10-23
  3. Clintbet

    So I'm not whitelisted anymore ....

    I'm not whitelisted either rip in peace
  4. Mishka Fenrir! Great to have someone to venture north with!
  5. Clintbet

    Official CS:GO Thread

    rip in peace skins... rip in peace
  6. Clintbet

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Proudest moment of my time playing CS:GO
  7. Clintbet


    It's a conspiracy OooOooooOo gold
  8. Get whitelisten if you aren't already. Then you're free to go.
  9. Clintbet

    party at vybor

    I'll KOS every one of you.
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    Official CS:GO Thread

  11. Clintbet

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Mmm pretty
  12. Clintbet

    How will you: Get Permabanned

    If you're going to replace him you should probably spell his name right. Caesar, then if you would like to be pedantic about it. Caeasro
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