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  1. Chaz you keep seeming to forget that in the video you can clearly hear me say lets keep this civil. The very definition of civil is to be courteous and polite. As I said we can keep throwing around what one perceives as a threat but then how far does that go? If a man jumps out at me with his gun in his hands can I instantly shoot him because in my own personal opinion I saw the gun as a threat? The whole point of the rules is to ensure that roleplay takes place. In this situation you and your friend said 1 single thing and then didn't even give me chance to respond. The video clearly shows that the only thing you said was "What do you want" and before you even give me the chance to respond you shot me. No roleplay, no talking. I have friends who play on this server who have been banned for less. I just feel a little bit annoyed that I spent at least 5 hours or so running around finding loot and meeting up with my friends just to be killed in this manner.
  2. Ok here is a detail of the events from my perspective. My roleplay is I am a deranged schizophrenic man called tyrone. Me and my group were walking towards the airfield when we noticed 2 armed men. I suggested to my friends that they hide and I will initiate conversation, following my roleplay of being a little deranged I initiated by jumping out and saying oogy boogy. That is not bad rp... give me one reason why that is bad rp? If you click on the video chaz you can clearly hear me say "We have 4 trained snipers watching you so stop circling no funny manoeuvres, then I can clearly be heard saying "lets keep this civil" We have video and audio evidence of me saying this. Then you said "ok what do you want" You responded "Ok" Which to me shows that you understood what I was saying. At this point I could have said nothing, or have you got any food spare? But before you even gave me chance to respond you filled me with a full clip I was dead instantly. There was no roleplay from your behalf you did not converse with me, you did not try to calm the situation. At the end of the day for me this is a moral standing. I play on this server so I can interact with other people without being shot instantly. The video does not lie, at the end of the day you can clearly hear what I said in the video and we did not threaten to kill you. I, trying to make sure you did not try to turn this around on me, over played the situation and said we have 4 men watching you. This was a white lie told to keep you both in check and you quite clearly had you weapons drawn and one of you went to my left and one of you went to my right. Correct me if I am wrong but is circling someone not a tactic so that I can not kill you both? In the video my friend even says "How about we invite them to our fight club" Again, no hostilities we hadn't even decided if we wanted to rob you and we had been talking about trying to start a roleplay where we were going to open a fight club and people gamble on fist fights. We can argue all day about what someone perceives as hostile but we did not once directly threaten your lives. I simply asked us to keep civil and not fight.
  3. Yes, you hear us in the video say we didn't start the robbery and that is exactly the point. Both of you were trying to circle me which of course made me feel uneasy. I tried to make out that we had 4 people in the bushes watching you to stop you from jumping the gun on me. you can not use what we say in this video against us as that is meta gaming. I said "lets keep this civil" By definition in this case the word civil means to be courteous and polite. Is me asking for us all to be courteous and polite hostile? No. We were not hostile to you as at the time all I said was that I had men watching you I did not say "Don't move or we will shoot you" or even say this is a robbery, all I said is lets keep this civil. At that current time we were 50% going to rob you or 50% just going to leave you alone depending on how geared you both were. But you jumped the gun and shot us before ANY roleplay had taken place defeating the very reason of playing on this server instead of normal dayz. Do not attack another person or group without a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile action. I do not believe we had actually done anything to justify a hostile action. Do not ignore attempts to role-play. Again there was 0 roleplay just me asking you to be civil to be shot in the face. And my final point, You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance. Again we followed the rules, we tried to communicate with you before initiating any hostilities. We did not make any hostile intentions all I said was be civil we have 4 men watching you. You then asked what we want and before you even gave me chance to speak you shot me. This is a blatant breakage of the rules and a complete lack of roleplay on your behalf.
  4. Wilsonbed

    S3 Bad/ lack of Rp, Green Mt., Night time

    I am Danny Wilson. My POV: Me elias and pisan were walking up to green mountain when we saw 2 guys pull up in a truck. Obviously we wanted to take the truck, so Pisan walked up to them while me and elias sat in a bush and he told them it was a robbery and he had friends aiming at them (This was to add scare factor so they didn't try to pull out any guns) After they put there hands up me and elias walked them into the jail cell, tied them up and checked their inventory. I noticed one had an MP5 with ammo so I took that into my bag. The other guy had an MP5 with ammo but we had no room to take it so we tied them both up so they could not shoot us both in the back. (Side note, I am under the impression that you eventually break out of restraints? Or is that just with handcuffs? I genuinely thought you could break out of them by moving) We did roleplay with them talking to them the whole time, telling them our intentions as we did it then took the truck and left. Elias crashed the truck by accident not even 1km down the road. After a bit of talking and a little guilt we headed back up to the 2 men to give them back their gun as a kind of peace offering. This was when we noticed 4 men in the police building shouting what I thought was the 2 guys we had robbed. I didn't want to run in fearing for my life so I sat and listened to what was being said. This was when around 8 people, (My best guess) Came up behind me and shot me in the back of the head. Too sum it up, I robbed someone and tied them up (Under the impression they would break free after we escaped) Then got shot in the back of the head at point blank range. If we broke any rules? Please let me know and I will apologise to any person necessary. But as far as I am aware no rules were broken.