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  1. Wow some really good atmospheric music there...here's my guys theme tune... [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdVFzdRZF0Q
  2. Zev


    I would just like to see some Zombies in general. However, as that's not really in line with the thread I'd like to add my one wish; Hordes. Nothing massive like in the movies but a group of 5-10 would actually be a threat and make you think twice before going in swinging. This would actually be like the movies we all love. Also I remember playing a mod of the mod where there were large-ish groups of Zombies and it had a very cool weather mod with dense fog. I was playing with some friends and we got jumped by a large group of Zombies in the fog at night. It was one of those 'DayZ moments' where you really feel involved like you are in a film and even though we weren't role playing...we kinda were. It was great fun! In the back of my mind I still have doubt's whether the dev's will ever complete DayZ to a standard similar situations to the above can happen. I really hope for everyone that it does and they are not just stringing everyone along with a plan to shelve it in a year or so. I would like to stress that I am a huge fan but you hear these rumors all the time! Here's hoping guys!
  3. If you've messed with the volume in steam and tried it out I guess it's not that. So it's NOT a USB variant of the headset? If so, do you have it plugged into the onboard (Motherboard) sound or a soundcard? Sometimes problems can happen when both a headset and soundcard have their own settings and then Steam gets access. Saying that though, everything else seems to work apart from Steam so that suggests some problem there. Can you post the settings of your soundcard application? (eg. 'Realtek HD Audio Manager', or whatever your manufacturer is) The reason for this is that there could be a setting there that conflicts with Steam in some way, eg. acoustic noise cancellation, mic overblow settings etc. (The soundcard will have direct influence if the HS is phono and not USB) One other thing you could do is have a look in Windows device manager and check to see if there are no drivers missing or anything. (There will be a yellow exclamation marker if there is) It's not likely as it seems to work with everything else but it's possible. Also try to update to the latest versions of all your sound drivers. - Helping people with stuff through forums is kinda like doing surgery with your hands tied behind your back But I'll try to help you out the best I can. Hi Sauce. Yes its the USB version of the headset. I've got an Alienware M18X R1 and is uses 'Dell Audio by IDT'. When I got through the options in the below picture I test the speaks on the laptop which are fine, I test the microphone which echos my voice fine but now when I test the speakers in the 'Communications Headphones' they don't work. I guess this is pointing towards a conflict with the various applications? It's quite hard on the forums I agree. I'll be on the community TS over the weekend if your about? Zev
  4. Wow! Thanks for the swift response guys! You don't know how frustrating this is! Due to all the suggestions I have thought it best to attach the below image which shows my settings in case I have missed something obvious... [attachment=2645] On the Recording devices there seems to be multiple options...though I not really sure what they are. Also it's worth mentioning that when I run the tests the only program where I receive the echo/feedback is steam but that only registers when I shout and it doesn't register a great deal.
  5. Hi Guys, Now I was going to put this in the 'Questions' section but noticed the questions were more about RP than technical. Admins feel free to throw this thread where ever it belongs if not here. So as the title suggests I am having some problems with the microphone on my Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset and as I'm not too technically minded I am hoping someone may be able to help me out. The sound is brilliant and the microphone works in TeamSpeak but when I'm in DayZ SA it either comes through very weak or not at all. I suppose this points to it being a problem in the game? I have literally spent hours trawling the net in an attempt to find a solution but I'm now at a loss. So does anyone have this headset and had a similar problem? Its quite frustrating when people initiate contact and then can't hear me as it ruins immersion, for that reason I'm going to keep off the server until I get it fixed or buy a new headset. Zev I've just realized I should have put this in 'Troubleshooting' ...my bad!
  6. I have been on the server probably three weeks now and I've met five people. Three were friendly but two were not. I managed to lose them in the darkness though. This is mainly due to my character being in effect lost in Chernarus (I'm refusing to use a google map on this basis even though I recognise most places) and spending most of my time up north in the new areas. it seems I may have to head south and get robbed/join up with a group to see some action!
  7. I was wondering about the animals (or lack of) for awhile then bumped into three sheep not far from Green Mountain. They were quite aggressive and I warned them not to come any closer but in the end I had to kill them all. I had a great BBQ though...
  8. Another Turd. I still haven't forgiven Blizzard for releasing that first burning crusade expansion and making all my epics obsolete after the amount of time put in. That said you've gotta give them kudos for plugging away at it, so many MMO that followed WoW have flopped big time!
  9. Zev

    Eddy Beck's Story (SEASON 2)

  10. *Ellis opens his eyes slowly to find himself staring at a ceiling a nearby fire casting a warm glow across the small room. Raising himself to his elbows he winces as his head spins slightly. Glancing around he found himself in a small living room, broken furniture strewn about him and a fire place with dying embers glowing softly* "How the fuck did I get here..." he mumbles to himself. *Glancing to his side he see's his backpack and axe but also a radio resting by his side then remembered what happened. He had been travelling for days before bumping into a man called Nate, they had found a truck but it had crashed on a corner and Ellis had blacked out. When coming around Nate was gone and wounded Ellis had stumbled into a town which started with Novy, before almost stumbling straight into a bear trap. He remembered triggering it so that no others would get injured when a mute called Nora and her friend turned up. They were on their way to the Church to meet some 'Maker' guy when he must have passed out from his injuries. He could only assume they had put him in this room to recover. Reaching for the radio he thumbs the send button* "Err...Hello?...It's Ellis...I'm at Novy something...I don't know if your reading this...but you must be...why else would you leave this radio...I'm rambling...but could still use those antibiotics...is anyone there?..."
  11. So my Whitelist was accepted last night and I went on the server for the first time today before it was cut short by my net going down. I met three people briefly and although my session was cut short it made a great change from the usual 'Battle Royal'. Good luck with your application!
  12. This is just a quick reply to say that my whitelist application was accepted last night! It was my second application due to leaving a few details out which was my own fault, but with help from some CH's and members (you know who are) I was able to amend the issues! Hope to bump into you in game!
  13. Zev

    Chernov's Bandit Guide

    Should my app be successful I'll probably spend the first few hours jumping at shadows or hiding in bushes after reading that...
  14. Zev

    What is your DayZ Play Time

    488 hours fighting for loot on DayZ and DayZ Epoch. 0 hours on DayZRP. Boo Hoo!