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  1. i will thanks! im just waiting to be whitelisted... lol
  2. I see you all. from the starving families just trying to live to see another day, to the lone wanderer's, i see you all. From the shadows, like the monsters that rob children of their sleep, i watch you all. while you scavenge for what might be your last meal, im watching over you. while you tear away at what little humanity if left in this god forsaken world, im protecting you. you will never see me, nor will you ever thank me, but still im watching. Sunday July 19, 2015, 4:38PM i found them again. it's been 7 hours since i had a visual. 1 male, late 30's. 2 females, one also late 30's, the other no older than 10. a family im guessing. how are they alive? over a year since it happened, i don't see how they have gotten this far. when i last saw them they had just wandered out of the woods into Myshkino. the father came out into the clearing south of the town alone, just as i was making my way into the tree line to the north. he never saw me, none of them do.i climbed into a pine tree and i raised my scope to get a better view. dark brown hair, crew cut, wearing a hoodie with a hiking pack, a pistol in hand. his hoodie was stained with blood...fresh blood. i chambered in a new round into my mosin. the past week i've put down 4 cannibals, im not going to let another one get away. he ran to a shed and pressed against it, looking around for something, a sign of life maybe? after a few moments he turned to where he ran from, and motioned for someone to follow him. thats when i saw his family. i began to search the rest of the town for anyone else, hoping they were alone, but i was wrong. as i shifted my sights west toward Sosnovka. i saw three men, all wearing rough, camo outfits, also stained with blood. two of them had aks, the other a fire axe. they were walking along the main road toward Pustoshka. i looked back at the family, they had made their way to a well in the south side of town, drinking like animals. i looked back toward the "bandits", they were still on there way to Pustoshka, i had hoped they would keep going. i watched the father move from house to house, grabbing what he could. he had left his wife and daughter in a shed behind one of the houses. i glanced back toward the bandits, they had stopped moving and we're looking at a map. one of the men pointer toward the north while the third man pointed toward the town the family was in. i remember asking god to send them north, i've takin enough lives and i dont need anymore souls weighing me down. they started down the road toward the family. when i looked back, they were leaving the shed and heading south, back the way they came. i smiled, i can't remember the last time i smiled. but then they stopped, his daughter pointed to the east side of the town, at a rusted garage. the dad took them over to it. i couldn't see what was inside, the door was facing the south. i looked back at the enemy, they were about 100 meters from the town. i kept my sights on them, only looking out of the corner of my eye at the garage. after a couple of minutes i heard an engine start, and so did the bandits. i saw the truck pull out of the garage, but it stalled in the middle of the road. the bandits were in full sprint, i could hear them laughing and yelling as they made their way closer. the family had noticed the oncoming storm and ran into one of the houses. i put my sight on the man in the front with the axe, i squeezed the trigger, but no bullet left the gun. it jammed again, i had meant to clean it yesterday, but a hoard broke into the church i was camping in for the night.i pulled the ammo out of the gun and started to work the bolt. i looked up and could see the bandits checking around the back yards and looking in sheds for them. i went as fast as i could trying to fix my gun. i got the ammo loaded back into my gun, took aim. the dad had left the house with his hands in the air, did he think they only saw him? as the came up to him, weapons drawn, i aimed again at my target. i didn't fire, due to the risk of them firing at the man. i heard him yell something and the rest of the family came out of the house. the bandits tied them all up and put them into the back of the truck. i watched as they headed south again, i started to climb down and a followed. trying to keep track of the truck. i moved fast, never stopping, always running. when i found them, they had made it to Zelenogorsk. the bandits had set up base at a school on the west side of town. i moved in close to the school and climbed a tree for an overview.i saw the family tied up outside, alive. i waited till night fall, watching over them. when the sun fell and the night sky darkened, i begun. i tied my rifle and backpack to a branch, a bolt action won't help me in close quarters. i took out my cr75 and taped on the suppressor i made. i climbed down and moved to the front of the building. i looked into the center square of the building, they had a fire and 3 tents i saw two of them sitting by the fire, talking about what they were gonna do with the wife and daughter the next day. they began fighting over who got the daughter, that's when i lost my temper. i scaled the side of the building using gutter pipe. when i got the the top i looked down at my prey, trying to locate the third man. he came strolling out of the school with his axe, "Anton, help me with dinner." he said as he made his way toward the family. i was out of time and patience. i grabbed the gutter pipe below me and slid down. i was halfway down when one of them screamed, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?". i turned and leapt off the pipe pulling my knife out of my boot. i landed on the first target and plunged the knife into his neck. one of the men ran into the building while the other rushed me. i pulled the knife out and turned to face him. its was the fire axe wielder. he swung at me and i moved below the swing and cut the outside of his right thigh. he dropped down to one knee i moved behind him and finished the kill with my knife. i quickly kicked a near by bucket onto the fire, regaining my darkness. i went into a door across from where the last man went into. i put on my night vision and resumed my hunt. i moved up the stairs and down the hall to where i saw a faint light. i picked up a coat on the ground and threw it past the door. six shots rang out as the man fired into the hallway.i moved into the room next to the one he was in,took off my NV, pulled out my knife, and stuck it out the window. using the reflection i found him, hiding behind an overturned table, shaking. i was about to climb out and around,and threw the window, when i saw part of the roof was caving in, and i found my next move. i climbed out the window and instead i grabbed the gutter pipe again and got back onto the roof. i moved with extreme silence over to the hole. i look down to see the man, still aiming at the door. i bite the handle of my knife and grab the edge of the roof. i lowered my self into the room behind the man and dropped to the ground. it would of been i silent landing if it wasn't for the broken glass. as he turns i threw the knife, embedding it into his right arm. he dropped the gun and ran toward me.he grabs me and slams me into the wall. i headbutt him to break the hold. he backs up shaking his head, trying to regain his focus, i gave him to time to recover. i rush him and land a right hook to his jaw, then a left hook to the temple. i grab his arm and swing him toward the window. he hits the frame but isn't stunned anymore. i move in and he swings, i duck, and uppercut him. i pull my knife out of his upper arm. then put it into his left rib cage, pull it back out, and use all my strength to drop kick him out of the second story window. he goes threw the glass and hits the ground with a loud thud. i go down stairs and back outside, he's trying to crawl away.i walk past him and without stopping put a bullet into his skull. i pick up a flashlight, check to see that it works, and continue toward the family. i turn the flashlight on and point it at the family. besides some bruises on the dad, they are fine. i roll the flashlight in their direction, making sure the light doesn't hit me, and then i throw the knife into the light so they see it. "use it", thats all i say before returning my NV to my eyes and sprinting off to get my stuff. after a few moments the dad moved for the knife, cut himself and his family free, and started check the camp. he looted what he could and they left. i watched them walk away as the sun was rising, hoping they would make it home.
  3. thank you! i've gone over the rules and the lore.
  4. i read over the rules atleast 6 times trying to find the passphrase lol. but if i have any questions i will ask. thank you!
  5. my names john, most people call me julk. i wanna join dayzrp because i love to role play! i play on the [falcon] dayz rp server,but the number of people playing on the server is very low! i've been rping in dayz since the game first launched. im a positive, very friendly kinda guy. i like to make new friends and be apart of the servers community. on the falcon server im known as "The Watcher". he's a selfless hero that fights to keep humanity alive. i mainly just take fresh spawns under my wing and train them to fight for the world, instead of fighting it.