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  1. I was the one who KOS'd you in Dolina, and yes it is my fault. I previously had made my intentions clear privately to another member in the group, known as Peter McGarth. The reason for the attack was because they killed a hostage I had requested they let go and let live. I shortly found out that they killed the hostage so I had told them "Have a nice a day." My intentions were to kill Darya, which she was standing almost exactly where you were before I got up the hill. It was a miss ID'd kill, as you know, and I would like to apologize for the mishap. If you need to contact me, please private message me. Thanks.
  2. wickedequinox

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my GUID reset/changed because I mixed up a few of the letters. //Shark Done. Enter your GUID on the whitelist page.
  3. I need my GUID changed/reset because I mixed up a few letters. -wickedequinox