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  1. Martin Jensen. His friends call him Mar, for short - chiefly because they are lazy. Norwegians generally tend to be lazy, at least from Mar's point of view. Martin grew up in a small town in the colder parts of Norway. Not many kids his age were around. After high school, he served one year in the Norwegian military as a medic. During this year he noticed that he was good at bandaging and taking care of people, and decided he wanted to do this for a living. After his service, he left his cold hometown and studied to become a nurse in Oslo, passing with average grades. After working in random hospitals around Norway, Mar joined the MSF. It was a good time for him - he got to travel, see new places and work with dedicated people who wanted to do good. Being a nurse, he helped the doctors and learned a lot from them. Cleaning wounds, stiching and helping people was his life for three years. When Chernarus openly pleaded for help, Mar was in one of the first groups MSF sent to help. However, nothing he had learned would help him when dealing with the infected. 100% mortality rate. There was nothing that could be done. Nothing worked. Mar felt both useless and helpess. It didn't take long until the MSF camp was overun, and most of the people were killed and turned. Mar escaped into the woods, and has been aiding hurt survivors to the best of his ability ever since.
  2. Prime product....guess I'll have to come find you zoyo
  3. That is what we were going for. We do singalongs.
  4. The answer to that question is found in the happy eyes of all the free people of Chernarus.
  5. I concur with the post above me. Would really have liked to see the outcome if the boss hadn't died The stalking was amazing. Really good RP by Kate.
  6. WickedHat

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    Finding Ragnar Voss and sharing bodyheat
  7. Thanks for an awesome night to the chocolate bandits! One day we will find what we are searching for!
  8. I wanted more Ukulele songs, to bad the wedding was canceled.