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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. What do you listen to ?

    Meat Loaf
  2. Navigation Tips?

    Landmarks and signs
  3. The Matchmakers [Open Recruitment]

    Prime product....guess I'll have to come find you zoyo
  4. The Matchmakers [Open Recruitment]

    That is what we were going for. We do singalongs.
  5. The Matchmakers [Open Recruitment]

    The answer to that question is found in the happy eyes of all the free people of Chernarus.
  6. I concur with the post above me. Would really have liked to see the outcome if the boss hadn't died The stalking was amazing. Really good RP by Kate.
  7. The Matchmakers [Open Recruitment]

    Don't think we've ever been squad wiped
  8. Finding Ragnar Voss and sharing bodyheat
  9. Thanks for an awesome night to the chocolate bandits! One day we will find what we are searching for!
  10. I wanted more Ukulele songs, to bad the wedding was canceled.
  11. What group do you miss the most.

    Can I say Reapers?
  12. Thanks to Nathan for an awesome evening with RP. Aggressive conflict solving FTW