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  1. Alexandra was born into the Voztok family as the middle child out of 7. Growing up she would be raised with a firm hand from both his father and uncle. For long periods of time both father and uncle would be away working on railroads laying tracks, this gave some respite where mother would be in charge. She was a kindly soul, teaching the children at home when there was little to no time for school. Alexandra oldest brother soon took it upon himself to lead when father was away, and he started to dish out beatings on behalf of the household. Her youngest brother died to tuberculosis, a loss that devestated his mother. Never quite the same after she got overprotective over the now youngest child in the bunch, leaving the others in her shadow. There was much work, and little time for vacation for the family. Spring and summer was spendt toiling in the soil and autum spendt harvesting and making ready for the winter months. Mid winter the family was shacked up in their house, all sleeping in the same livingroom. Mother singing songs for the children and father telling stories from when he was growing up. It was a meager life, and would get worse. One day the local ministrel came to the house together with their uncle. They told the story of how Alexandras father had died in a fatal accident while working on the railroad. Another tragic loss for his mother and it would leave them with no real income. The little they had was not enough to sustain the whole family at the farm. Mother had no chance of keeping the farm, and with sadness sold it off and moved to a sister in Kirovgrad, taking with the youngest children. Alexandra and her older siblings now had to find work themselves, and scattered around the countryside. Her older brothers went to a big farm and managed to get work there as farmhands, doing what they already knew. Alexandra drowe on further south, past Kirovgrad and all the way to the coast together with his uncle to seek work on the railway. His uncle put in good words for her, and the foreman knew of her father and probably felt some pitty for the lass. And thus she started laying tracks together with her uncle. Time flies, and Alexandra finds herself in the hell that is this infectious outbreak. As luck would have it she is not working and is isolated away at a hunting lodge together with her younger brother Steffan. With all then news on the radio and warnings they stay put for days, listening and waiting. When the radio starts being silent they start to lose faith, and wonder if they should forge a path towards a town. They have had enough of sitting still, doing nothing. Heck the warnings, they head for the nearest town. They get near and see makeshift barricades and what looks like military personell in little towers. Strolling towards the barricade they suddenly hear shouting and people pointing weapons at them. Not knowing what was happening Alexandra threw his hands up together with her brother, and slowly walked forward. It turns out this was some kind of safehaven, where people had sought shelter. Alexandra did not believe when they started to inform about the infection that had spread, and how people were attacking eachother in the streets, she had not seen so he refused to believe things were this bad.
  2. Ragnar

    Ragnars poor attempt at a media thread

  3. Ragnar

    Ragnars poor attempt at a media thread

  4. Ragnar

    Ragnars poor attempt at a media thread

    Still not enough snow to go anywhere fun ?
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    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    Welcome home nutsackboy
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    Christmas Thread 2018

  7. Ragnar

    French boi here

    Welcome and hello
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    Ragnars poor attempt at a media thread

    1st day with new camera, poor (mans attempt) angle.
  9. Ragnar

    Ragnars poor attempt at a media thread

    Seasons first ski adventure.
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    Soft voice

    Does this person have to have good speak.
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    S1 - Balota - BadRp, rdm, powergaming - Server time: 2018-11-26, 19:30

    Server and location: S1, Balota Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2018-11-26, 19:30 Your in game name: Aliaksandr Voztok Names of allies involved: @STAN @Castiel @Harvard @Jadeboat Name of suspect/s: @Nonplayer + friend Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Had recently gotten to the coast and changed my new character for a new group. I logged and was soon greeted with a "On the ground bro wtf you doing bro" as two men with orange armbands aimed their guns at me. I comply to the demand of going to the ground and then continue to do as they command and followed them into a green house. They asked why I was here in holy land of the black bear. Then handcuff me. They talk about sacrifice to pleasuse their holy something. After they ask if I am there to rob the holy apples. After 4min or so player two enters the scene in the form of @Jadeboat who stumbled across them. She is also led inside the green house and the hostage takers had some trouble communicating since her character is deaf. They go on to feeding her something that makes her puke instantly. Later the accused says on discord that it was ok cause diseases are not in the game yet. After they try to ask their God about what was wrong with Jade, andhe put his hand on her forehead and did a little prayer thing wich was nice. But then they say Jades tongue got cut out and ask what had happend to his tongue, writing it off as an unsolved mystery. I tried to tell the man that deaf people can read lips, so maybe he should take off the mask he was wearing. For some reason the hostage taker then repeated the tongue is gone. After more of the same we get told to move outside where we meet members of our group. They did not know we had been taken and tried to reason with the hostage taker into letting us go. I made it clear that this man was the one who had taken me hostage and when he refused to release me one of the group members shot him. After a bit a man shows up and starts to shoot at the people in my group. There was no initiation in text or voip from anyone. My people took shots from the man in a cowboy hat and had to take cover. I was still in the hadcuffs and got killed by zombies got axed to death as the logs show.
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    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Object's name: Wheelchair Reference picture: Reason for it to be added/usage: Add more chances for medical rp, playing out injuries or having elderly characters.
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    DayZ Launched to Compile Error

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    What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

    Smalahove is the best thanksgiving dish.
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    What do you listen to ?

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