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  1. talking to a Community helper now i Think il be back if it didint get solved
  2. dont know how to do that yet but im asking for help here its the same reason i belive someone could help me if they wanted to but yea ill try pm a Community helper aswell..
  3. Hey could someone pls give me ur steam so i can add it cuz i have some questions about the whitelist thingy and dont want them to just be like a spam here on the forums my steam is Howltusk1 i Think cuz i thing the questions on the White list application was very unclear pls add or give me ur steam if u dont find me many thx to the one that decides to help me
  4. what do u even mean with that lol
  5. Mazin.Mezher

    Your opinion on Chernarussian character.

    ok^^now i know
  6. Mazin.Mezher

    Your opinion on Chernarussian character.

    oh but those who lived there did they speak russian atleast as a main language ? cuz all the signs and stuff is in russian
  7. Hey just donated 5 euro to this Community even tho im still not even gotten in to the servers or whitelisted but just becuse i see its so well done and dedicated i can see the time that has been put in to this story so if u respect them for doing this for creating such a dedicated server then you should support them with 5 euro aswell (:
  8. Mazin.Mezher

    Your opinion on Chernarussian character.

    The more russian the more real it feels i mean it dose take Place in a russian plac (:
  9. ok thx alot for the answer but any idea how long it could take for me to get an answer back? could it be over a month =/?
  10. hey there yesterday when i applied i was 1 / 1 and now im 11/ out of 32 how dose this work is it cuz they donated they get ahead me?... cuz i have a feeling if thats it ill never get to the first of the line agin
  11. thx alot man u rock! just completed to read the lore wow that is very well writed ! i like it ALOT 1 small question is ther any way to take a look at the status of my application to get whiteliested or nah? it will just come up at my inbox tomorrow or so?
  12. i have gone trough the rules and faq many times but now its time to read the lore (: thx alot man clicked at the lore but says some kind of error =/ any suggestions? is the lore about dayz or the rp ? or info about how my lore / story should be (:? cuz its to have a story i have made up an awesome one for my first character hehe
  13. im not in yet but i hope this will be the first rp server i get to join and the last cuz im never planing to leave (: but thank you alow (: