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    S3 Bad/ lack of Rp, Green Mt., Night time

    I (Vladislav Ivano) was also part of this robbery helping Danny and Elias. I recently got whitelisted on the servers and this was my first robbery. My POV: It started with me walking up to these two men and i said something along the lines of "Hands up, this is a robbery" both Wilson and Elias standing in the bushes behind me. Then one of the people we were robbing proceeded to give me something that looked like the middle finger. But shortly afterwards he asked me OOC what button it is for the hands up animation. I was stressed and was not sure what button it was. I then made an attempt to ask Wilson and Elias in teamspeak but failed horrible when i used the button to talk in-game instead. With no reply i started writing my best guess OOC using //. Which i eventually got right after several tries. I then decided to take a passive role and let Elias and Wilson take over so i don´t do anything else wrong. I stod by the gate keeping an eye open for people while Wilson and Elias talked to them in the building. After the robbery was done i ran away on foot and Wilson and Elias took the truck. The ''f2 and put my hands up'' that Chernov put in the report was most likely me failing to press the correct button while under pressure and was not what i said to initiate. I apologize. While the robbery was ongoing i could hear what i would consider enough interaction between robbers and victims. I was not part of the shootout that happened not long after. I attempted to reconnect to fix a glitch with my gun but was unable to get a slot when connecting back.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 2nd reject: http://gyazo.com/7104ba1702385de55872a12fd837c772 3rd reject: http://gyazo.com/41a2d41dfc1e353164f5428b220035cb Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that the last application getting rejected was somewhat fair. I can understand the admins resoning behind the reject after having a moderator have a look at it and explain it to me in more detail. But i had corrected everything that was pointed out in my 2nd attempt and therefore thought that everything else was ok when submitting the 3rd. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Both applications were close to identical except for the rules i missed in the 2nd attempt. But both had different reasons for getting rejected. My first attempt isn't even worth looking at and has nothing to do with the latest two. I understand and like that you are being strict about the rules and want a good community. If this last attempt fails i wish you and the community the best of luck. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Another attempt at getting whitelisted or a whitelist if possible. What could you have done better?: I could've asked for help in ts from the very beginning instead of waiting untill i got rejected the 3rd time. I could've put more time into making sure i got everything needed in the application.