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  1. Just finished, great work. I enjoyed it.
  2. TrueFox

    Channel Trailer (Gaming Roach Entertainment)

    Awesome my man, just awesome.
  3. Welcome to the Community bud.
  4. TrueFox

    Sam Bauer's Story

    I'm pretty excited for this Roach. Love the character.
  5. I'm having the same issue. It's that your Graphics card does not support the DirextX11 which with the new enfusion engine dayz is running requires. Gtx 750ti and higher should be fine which will only need a 300 watt psu to support or you can get a sapphire 7950 or higher. Should both be around 100$-$150.. That's CAN currency though.
  6. TrueFox

    Tony Moretti's Story (SEASON 3)

    Another great episode dude.
  7. Ha, this gave me a good laugh. Full support, model material..
  8. TrueFox

    Tony Moretti's Story (SEASON 3)

    Dude you're amazing at what you do. Thanks for another great episode.
  9. Great guide. I've never been taken hostage so these tips will help out. Thanks for the guide friend.
  10. TrueFox

    RP on Dayz Guide *video*

    This was great. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the tips as well.
  11. I really enjoyed this .. Well put together.
  12. Come on it really wasn't that bad.. We all know TWD likes to build shit up. Deanna's death though.. Empty the click and warcry at them. That's how you die.
  13. Ha yea I had a good laugh. Eugene never ceases to amaze me.
  14. It's beautiful... its really beautiful.