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    First up i have read the rules and i have also already filled in all the other fields for the whitelist application so now im certain i will not let this one slide and find another server. And as you see by me posting this here i havent found it. But i only have two quick questions. Is the Passphrase a word , a sentence , or a messege we all understand in diffrent ways ? Where do i search ? everyone is giving diffrent answers about that one. Some say it's on the Mods rulepage and some say normal rulepage and some says it's on the standalone rulepage. And by not knowing for certain on which one it is it's hard to put focus into it when im not sure the passphrase is even there to begin with .. Im sorry i know this is posted alot but i have read alot of the posts and as i said the answers are diffrent on each one .. Thankfull for any kind of help since i've been at this for 2 days and i really want to get started in-game x3