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  1. Elad900

    OOC in RP

    Instead of going voice telling him to F2, why not just say "put your hands up!"? Saying "press f2" is rather immersion breaking Ohh... i see. sorry guys
  2. Elad900

    OOC in RP

    Seeing as you just registered yesterday, this should be fresh in your mind. Regardless of what is occurring around you, we do not allow anyone to go OOC through voice, and OOC through text should only be used for emergency situations. i didnt use the text option. this was Alex. i only told him to press F2.
  3. Elad900

    OOC in RP

    i cant see whats the problem. so what if i told him to press F2 ? i didnt want to kill him\put cuffs on him,his friends came and started shoot us.