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  1. Computer giveaway

    give me the pc pls
  2. you're cool

  3. Pictures about Apocalypse and Darkness.

    looks good man, mess with the levels a bit more and all the layers will blend in nicely
  4. Perma-deathing?

    @Rolle please answer
  5. Perma-deathing?

    any idea on what the number of times and time frame would be?
  6. Perma-deathing?

    Gotta agree with Rory, If my character was forced to perm every time it died say every 5 times I'd be making quite alot of characters
  7. I'm done.

    good luck
  8. Too early for bandit groups?

    no ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Take me back to when I snitched on every NAPA base to the CHDKZ for a free Van 

    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      snakeboi snakeboi

  10. Chillis Random pictures

  11. Mischief's Art!

    hella good
  12. Why Severograd?

    Honestly sverograd is such a shit spot
  13. FPS Locking

    new drivers maybe?
  14. Obnova [Recruitment Open]

    not bad, good luck