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  1. This place always has one of these posts whenever I lurk on the forums and I consistently remember seeing the same thing in all threads. Everyone just reminisces about the 'good old days' whether that be 2017 or 2019, could just say the server is just degrading in RP quality but I haven't actually played the present iteration of this server, personally I never liked the campfire RP stuff just wasn't my style but I was more leaning towards hostile RP. Can't remember when but a rule overhaul came on and sorta snuffed a type of roleplay I enjoyed so pushed me away. If I'm being brutall
  2. wats appenin boys

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but in this phrasing it makes it sound like you would have the ability to kill the attacker until you die? Meaning if I were to be initiated on, have a hostile act committed against me and then escape I would be allowed to kill them even after 2 hours, because my character would still be alive?
  4. you're cool

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      ill pull on yo block exotic ?


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      woah exotic what did I do to you? ? 

      ty zorbz youre a good lad

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