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  1. Born in Windsor, grew up doing stupid stuff. Getting his head stuck in a microwave, duct taping himself into a trolley and among other things. Hes not the sharpest tool in the box but he'll give you a laugh. Being quite a thick skinned guy he can have a laugh and will joke around with others. He played semi-professional football with a team called the Kidderminster Harriers, but quit because he wanted to spend more time on his videos. He was 12 when he started making videos for YouTube, uploading Call of Duty content but not taking it seriously. He went to Halesowen college to study photography/film studies but did not enjoy it. He then quit with no backup plan beyond his YouTube career. He was born at Wordsley hospital in Wordsley, near Dudley, West Midlands, England. He has featured both his mother and father in his videos. He has a sister. He did a Wasabi Challenge video that featured Jack Dean. For how he got into chernarus? well he wont on a roadtrip with his mate romell and somehow ended up in the middle of this shit, originally doing this as content for YouTube, this video went way too far, hes already lost romell, and now he just wants to get home. Casey seems to get along with everybody so if youve got a problem with him it must be on your side.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but in this phrasing it makes it sound like you would have the ability to kill the attacker until you die? Meaning if I were to be initiated on, have a hostile act committed against me and then escape I would be allowed to kill them even after 2 hours, because my character would still be alive?
  3. you're cool

    1. ExoticRP



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      ill pull on yo block exotic ?


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      woah exotic what did I do to you? ? 

      ty zorbz youre a good lad

  4. looks good man, mess with the levels a bit more and all the layers will blend in nicely
  5. any idea on what the number of times and time frame would be?
  6. Gotta agree with Rory, If my character was forced to perm every time it died say every 5 times I'd be making quite alot of characters
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