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  1. Zorbz

    New rules and whitelist

    Correct me if I'm wrong but in this phrasing it makes it sound like you would have the ability to kill the attacker until you die? Meaning if I were to be initiated on, have a hostile act committed against me and then escape I would be allowed to kill them even after 2 hours, because my character would still be alive?
  2. you're cool

    1. ExoticRP



    2. Lucius


      ill pull on yo block exotic 👀


    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      woah exotic what did I do to you? 😞 

      ty zorbz youre a good lad

  3. Zorbz

    Computer giveaway

    give me the pc pls
  4. looks good man, mess with the levels a bit more and all the layers will blend in nicely
  5. any idea on what the number of times and time frame would be?
  6. Zorbz

    People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka [PAU] Media thread.

    editor of the year
  7. Gotta agree with Rory, If my character was forced to perm every time it died say every 5 times I'd be making quite alot of characters
  8. Zorbz

    I'm done.

    good luck
  9. Pep

    • Pep

    Take me back to when I snitched on every NAPA base to the CHDKZ for a free Van 

  10. Zorbz

    Chillis Random pictures

  11. Zorbz

    Mischief's Art!

    hella good
  12. Honestly sverograd is such a shit spot