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    @bunny Just found this and I have a feeling this was your work lmao

    1. RedSky


      Goddamnit Alex, 

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      Yes, It was I who made this!

  2. If you're saying No because 'staff can't enforce it', don't bother voting. From experience that isn't a reason worth mentioning, if the rule is popular and people want it, the staff team will come to the best conclusion about how to enforce and how best to present this new rule. It's not so much a concern for community members, the OP wants to know if people want this rule, not your personal opinion on whether or not it's 100% feasible. I'm saying yes to this rule. It's a good one for hostage situations and in reports it can lead to rulebreaks e.g. If you take a hostage and not once do they speak a word of the location you're at, make any emotes or do anything out of the ordinary, then it's clear they aren't following the rule. This of course wouldn't apply if anyone namedropped the area since the radio can simply be left on and communication can be captured. I guarantee if this rule is implemented, it can be enforced in hostage situations provided that there is full recorded evidence.
  3. Make it happen Like anything on this server it's the whole hog or it fails, but honestly I'd love to see this set up on S2 just to have a go at it in a wild ass alternate storyline with space aids and The Road style depressing and turbulent themes.
  4. I like this, and I would absolutely love for an S2 that has this map (with adjustments) and some basic lore like this in place. Or space aids in a new timeline fr Namalsk is better, but we don't have Namalsk. Yet. When we do, yeah let's play that for sure cause it's been completely redone by the original creator and will have game mechanics baked into it cause the original creator is now working for Bohemia. But for now, this map with some tweaks might be a great second server option. Also yes please on the space aids
  5. Oooh. Honestly it's a really nice map but it feels about 60% finished
  6. So update: I played the map with @Wumbyyy and so far the map seems good, it's got full tree cover, terrain, coast, etc. There's only about 3-4 medium-large towns and not sure what else in between, only 4 spawn points by the looks. It seems a little unfinished at it's current state, despite how nice the existing areas are. All the major main roads seem to exist but lots of blank fields where smaller towns are probably supposed to go. So yeet to that idea unfortunately, maybe in month or two if Namalsk hasn't come out sooner. EDIT: I found the crater. Holy fuck. I take that back can we still have this on S2 as an alternate nuclear blast/meteor related lore? EDIT 2: This crater was definitely supposed to be recent: Oh my god
  7. I'd like this to happen first before we do a lore wipe, make sure the map is fun, detailed enough, etc. The lore prospects excite me though, given that it's way easier to explain being in Germany than a backwater post-soviet state barely as big as luxembourg.
  8. Its based on real terrain so that's probably just a real crater wherever the map would be set. Though some crazy apocalypse based lore around that would be a wild change of pace.
  9. Yeah I know third party mods are a no, but we're currently using a third party map (even though it's a retexture), so a third party map like this should be fine if people are willing.
  10. Saw this map while on the workshop, and honestly it looks pretty detailed compared to most other attempts. What would people's thoughts be for a change to something like this (perhaps on a separate server if people don't want to have to wipe or sumn)? Also it's 10km x 10km compared to our current 15km x 15km, so not too small but also smaller so interactions would increase. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1580589252
  11. I think it's weird too, but don't remove it. Just auto initiate on anyone with one if you think it's that bad, its direct proof of sadistic shit and possible cannibalism.
  12. Just join staff for a bit and get MVP or VIP, free rank
  13. *a voice begins to speak* Cells, travel to the storm pass and meet with Mr. Black. There he will provide the next. I am to be assigned to set 6. Mr. Black is looking for land with fruit, and he needs this set. Hand in your books from the shopping trip at the next mail box before you go. You need not reply, the lamp is off today. Your services are officially no longer required. *the broadcast ends*
  14. Sumrak says the maps basically done but he's introducing different mechanics/content specifically for Namalsk, so hey maybe stuff like that. We already know you can eat snow in Namalsk.
  15. Namalsk and lore wipe when it comes out
  16. Sumrak did 2 interviews and showcased like most of the map ages ago
  17. I feel as if the only map coming any time soon that will feel polished and complete will be Namalsk Plus, I saw Deer Isles earlier but it seems pretty WIP. We'll see where it's at come lore wipe though, tbh I'm open to any changes.
  18. Idk, the .55 update had good people robbing others just to survive, and it was pretty cool. That being said, people are acting like reducing the amount of readily available food right now will go from abundance to complete scarcity. It isn't one or the other. But I may have another suggestion for a mod; a change to the loot table to slowly diminish the amount of food and water items found around the map, forcing players to stop moving and farm/scavenge from trees, and hunt animals. Roleplay should respond to changes in the needs of the players and a fluid, dynamic way to modify the availability of food gradually is a better alternative than a sharp change that remains static until another update reverses it. A more drastic addition would the the possibility of wells drying up and streams/rivers becoming the only way to get more water, but this is imo insane and not a good idea. Just a thought however. Survival in this game isn't hard for us cause we've played literally thousands of hours of it, but it could be spiced up to meet roleplay with gradual changes in the loot economy, which could be extended to slow but sure diminishing amounts of ammunition (also not that good of an idea since ammo is not craftable). A short term solution to this would simply be to remove food spawns from zombie corpses. I personally notice about half or more of the food available to me is from infected corpses, and the rest is in houses and other areas. Remove the food from the corpses, you already make the food situation a bit more complex but not so hard that it impacts RP. TL;DR - Nerf zombie loot for a short term solution, Modify loot table to gradually diminish food availability for a long term solution.
  19. Like most of the mods out currently, they're heavily WIP and need a lot of work before they're at points to be considered for DayZRP. I was surprised the winter mod was added, given how far that mod has yet to go and how WIP it currently is. In any case a mod in this vein would be a great addition when it has more options and is polished.
  20. Ok. Again, not my biggest concern with your roleplay. I hope you take the criticism in your stride and keep at hostileRP. I think you certainly have the potential to improve greatly.
  21. I would suggest a balance between the two. It was many more than twice and I just think there's a line between neglect and overdoing it. You can do so once and at one time, especially in a situation like that, that lasts 5-10 minutes. That is honestly one of my lesser concerns with the roleplay in that interaction however.
  22. I appreciate you taking this well. Only name I caught was Clay Cassidy (man licking knife) in regards to the situation, if that might help you discuss it with the ones I met.
  23. Hello I would like to give some constructive and respectful feedback about the interaction I had recently with the Saviors. I was at Tisy military complex with one other man. We encountered some Saviors (2-4?) near the underground entrance and talked, gave some ammo, etc. We were about to walk away, and a text initiation was dropped so I complied. The guy I was with saw 2 and fired upon but was killed (full auto hit reg woop), and then I realised there was like way more of them. That's the start, not relevant but I'm just detailing the story. So from there on I was stripped of weapons, radio taken, basic stuff. I was taken inside the underground area and one man rhymed off every group he could think of and asked me what I knew about each. Meanwhile, another man behind us is playing around with a knife, doing emotes such as *licks knife*, and *eats .45*, and generally doing those sorts of things. Eventually it was made clear towards the end that I was initiated on cause I was in their area (which is fair, but not ultimately that clear throughout the interaction). So, my criticism of this situation: The whole interaction was basic, felt textbook/scripted, and lacked any character. I was repeatedly asked if I needed food or water by the man eating bullets which felt out of character and forced, as what the // chat asking for my radio when I had clearly said IC that I had dropped it and let someone take it. There was just too much out of character things weaved in, in a poor manner that made it seem like these hostile guys had some strange care for my wellbeing. Realistically you ask if I need water at the end of the interaction, or wait for me to beg for it since I am a hostage and at your whim. I am uncertain if these members were new to roleplay or hostile RP in general, but I felt as if the situation wasn't planned or given much thought beyond wanting to do a hostile interaction with the first people you met. I liked those situations but it wasn't clear why you wanted to interrogate me until the very end and I wasn't sure if it was a robbery, an interrogation, a warning or torture throughout. My suggestion: The entire situation could have been done without an initiation if you had shown us your entire force. We could have been intimidated, strongarmed and interrogated in a much more fluid way without the need for a textbook "drop your weapons and get on the ground", "*searches for radio*", and restrainment. Hostile roleplay is done best when the intent is clear and the situation is tense and intimidating. I didn't feel tension up to the initiation, I had no idea of your intent, and I wasn't intimidated. It felt boring to be your hostage unfortunately. I think if you better plan these interactions, you could become well known for great roleplay and be considered a scarier group than you may currently be. I'm not throwing shade, calling anyone out or attempting to shame this group. I'd like to see whoever was involved take this on and try to improve from it, because I'm not the only person who has expressed dissent to the roleplay given out by members of this group and I would hate for it to become a trend.
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