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  1. It's like no one reads the status updates. For the last 6 months, like a tiny portion of the team was working on 0.62, and the entire rest of the team was working on 0.63, which is well on it's way - the plan is to develop and release them both around a similar time. So no, this isn't the culmination of 6 months work, it's the culmination of 6 months work from about 5-6 environment designers. The rest of the dev team has beta incoming. Update looks pretty nice, glad they addressed the trees and how shit they looked even with the 0.60 render fixes.
  2. Sah dude

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    2. Noxious
    3. Stradic


      @Alex is just creeping now.

    4. Static

      I'm lurkin' too.  Wanted to see how the lore wipe was progressing

  3. Just here to say someone hit 2000, and there's my 3 month wait for a meme.


    Look rolle's finally relevant hue hue 



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      Yeah I wasn't relevant, I just settled for active.

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      Don't worry Oliv, you didn't do anything.




  4. Sad no one's hit 2000 beanz yet, when I was admin I put something in the system for when you hit 2000. 

    Soon I guess

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    2. Castiel


      Soon Alex, soon. Spoilers?

    3. Alex


       No spoilers, but it's pretty cool. Let's just say it's something that many have claimed to have gotten, but only some really have it.

    4. ToeZies


      Is it a house? You've paid in full for the deed to a house and it's the prize?

  5. This isn't the only map planned by the dev team for beta. The reason this is the main one is because the official mod tester for Bohemia is the guy who made it, and he decided to redo the whole map for standalone. There's probably a good chance there's more maps and map additions we don't know about.
  6. Look at this image flipped horizontally - it's real
  7. Teaser picture of Namalsk - said to be the first release on the workshop for SA in beta. Source: Sumrak (Adam) - Bohemia Dev
  8. trash

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      fuck outta here 

  9. 0ea99a9967274d035c55b05122cbe078.png




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      It's a quote from the video

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  10. What's with all the fuckass icons around

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      I'll only use these things if @Rolle spots me a custom one ;)

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      come on now, the snoipur needs a nice lil cross hair next to his name

  11. Whered u go mate?

  12. Quality over quantity folks

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      nah. they must always keep every single spot full no matter what! /s

  13. come back dad

  14. jesus christ 

  15. Allied "Alex Volkov" love you chief