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  1. What's with this?

    As hope is an english female name. It's not a big deal and thank you for clarifying. I changed my RP name.
  2. What's with this?

    VON is also icelandic for "hope" which is how I am using it. This was also put in my application. I put it there to make my charatcer unique so it wasn't a "famous" name.
  3. What's with this?

    Then why, when I registered my application with that name, nothing was brought up? Did the admin just not take the time to read my application?
  4. What's with this?

    Hey guys, I waited 4 days for my app to go through, and I was accepted to play today. I login, everything is going well for about 15 minutes, but then I am kicked. The reason being (No famous names). I registered John VON Denver as my RP name and my app got accepted. I feel a bit cheated, I added a middle part so this would not happen, and my application went through smooth with no complaint of my name.
  5. What Game Is This?

    Johnny suddenly became paler lol... I've heard word of Johnny haha, I can assure you I am not him tho
  6. Robbed by a man holding a banana?

    Surrender my belongings, this guy means business.
  7. Haunted Ship Wreck?

    Not a bug, definietly some poltergeist level shiz.
  8. What Game Is This?

    I'd hardly call rolling in a pack "clan wars".
  9. Strengths And Weaknesses

    I'm a good leader but I sometimes take that too far and let it go to my head. I also struggle with realizing the gravity of certain situations.
  10. Hey guys

    New here, I hope to be a good addition to the community.