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  2. Jabba

    DayZRP Battle Royale

    They were good fights. We rekt on Last Team Standing, you and I killed a third of the competitors.
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    Alright half-breed
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    Subject to admin team discretion... ?
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    The Cowboy Returns to the Fold.

    Roooouuuggghhhh Riiiidderrrsss, ROLLOUT! *Tips hat*
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    Juggs here!

    Omg... the nostalgia from reading that name alone. Welcome back dude!
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    The Company [BRKR]

    Yasss. Right on.
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    Old layout on posts or similar

    +1 The way it should be tbh
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    One Group

    Not gonna lie, watching you guys march about was always entertaining. @Mak
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Ah, it is the creepy unaligned priest! Had no idea who I had met at the time. It was a pleasure RP'ing with you guys.
  11. Jabba

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some great RP tonight. Great introduction back into the server. I want to thank @STAN @Aisling @Kordruga @Zipcouda @Descendants @Ragnar @AlyCat I had a blast, the roleplay was great. Also, want to shout out @WormGuy whoever you are. Hilarious. And finally to @Blitz @Cipher and the boys, the interactions we had were top notch. Was a good night.
  12. Jabba

    The Company [BRKR]

    Looking forward to playing with you guys!
  13. Jabba

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Oh boy...
  14. Dougal Finnegan was born and raised in Dundee, Scotland. Dundee is a coastal city on the north bank of the Forth of Tay, an estuary in eastern Scotland. Dougal's father was a 'businessman'. He owned several warehouses on Dundee harbour, as well as a few local clubs and businesses in the city. The problem with the Finnegan family business was that it dabbled in two sides of the business; both legitimate and illegitimate. The company used its legal shipping rights and assets to smuggle contraband and stolen goods into the city. Dougal's father had several officials and officers under his payroll, to ensure his 'business' was carried out smoothly. As Dougal grew up, he was given more responsibility within the business. From transport to payment collecting, and even enforcement. His father made him work his way up the ladder, to learn what it is like to serve. Eventually, his father entrusted him with overseeing shipments to and fro the harbour. Making sure contraband was undetected, and the transport ran smoothly. After several years, Dougal now being in his mid-twenties, he had run and oversaw many shipments. Most of which had been to coastal cities within the United Kingdom, on a rare occasion, to adjacent countries across the channel. The Finnegan's did not like to cross with international affairs and stuck to local trade and business. However, this was about to change. You see, Dougal's father was an ambition man. Eventually, local business and trade within the UK were no longer enough to satisfy him. He began to look at the bigger picture, planning several trips across Eastern Europe and Asia. He began to establish trade links in several cities along the Mediterranean coast, and over the years expanding past Istanbul and into the Black Sea. Of course, it was his son he trusted with these shipments, for he had never failed him. Dougal spent the next few years running these shipments; eventually finding his way to Novigrad, Chernarus. Where his life was about to drastically change. It was here that his ship was seized and the crew barred from leaving. Something terrible was going on, something Dougal did not understand. Over the next coming days, it became clear Dougal and his crew were not leaving. The city turned to mayhem as the effect of the outbreak took place. Dougal and his crew abandoned their ship and fled the city. The country had turned to chaos - the people anarchy. The fight for survival driving everyone forward. Dougal and his crew were in the apocalypse. The Finnegan blood in him took over, he took charge. He lead his people over the coming months of destruction and death. Together they thrived. Taking what they could find, be it from abandoned cars, buildings, or people. They would rarely steal but would trade goods in exchange. Although, if things did not go to Dougal's liking he was quick to turn to violence. He would give people a chance to agree to his terms, but if it did not follow through, his crew's wrath often followed. Karma is a bitch. Dougal never believed in it, but it caught up to him anyway. One night, on the outskirts of a region called 'South Zagoria', he and his crew were encamped. Unexpectedly, their camp was set upon by a group of raiders. Gunfire filled the air, as bullets tore through Dougal's crew. They fought back, but they were outnumbered and encircled. Dougal's crew were slaughtered, only Dougal and one other made it out alive. But Jock, Dougal's crewmate was injured. A bullet to the thigh. They headed eastward, in the search of medical supplies to assist Jock's wound, but to no avail. Jock died a couple days after the attack, leaving Dougal Finnegan alone on the edge of South Zagoria. A territory in which he knew very little. The people, the groups, the politics all foreign to him. But driven to survive, Dougal set out by himself, ever pushing forward. Dougal Finnegan Dougal is no stranger to a fight and can handle himself. He has little care for law and order, but a mind for business and respect. Goals Locate supplies and equipment to assist in his survival. [X] Find a group of like-minded competent individuals, in which he can associate himself with. As he knows surviving alone is difficult. [X] Establish an understanding of the local situation: Important people, groups, politics etc. [W.I.P]
  15. Jabba


    Yes, I do remember your name being red in colour. Welcome back.
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