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"There is no great genius without some touch of madness."

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  1. Jabba

    Hi I'm new

    Can expect some ear bursting initiations?
  2. Maybe I can get captured again, and you can bring an army to come save me @Lemons Need a prisoner? xD
  3. They were good fights. We rekt on Last Team Standing, you and I killed a third of the competitors.
  4. Jabba


    Alright half-breed
  5. Subject to admin team discretion... ?
  6. Roooouuuggghhhh Riiiidderrrsss, ROLLOUT! *Tips hat*
  7. Omg... the nostalgia from reading that name alone. Welcome back dude!
  8. Not gonna lie, watching you guys march about was always entertaining. @Mak
  9. Ah, it is the creepy unaligned priest! Had no idea who I had met at the time. It was a pleasure RP'ing with you guys.
  10. Had some great RP tonight. Great introduction back into the server. I want to thank @STAN @Aisling @Kordruga @Zipcouda @Descendants @Ragnar @AlyCat I had a blast, the roleplay was great. Also, want to shout out @WormGuy whoever you are. Hilarious. And finally to @Blitz @Cipher and the boys, the interactions we had were top notch. Was a good night.
  11. Looking forward to playing with you guys!
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