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  1. Faye Evans

    Faye's early childhood was a calm one. Living in Lynford, a town with a population of only about 150, everyone knew each other. It was a place where everyone was there to help if needed. Most of her time, Faye spent playing with her sister and a few other kids their age outside. It was a very rural area, so there were many places to go on an adventure. As they grew up, their pastime changed, but most still used their time hanging around together in the area. This might have gone on for her whole life, had her family not decided to move to the USA. The plan was to move to a big city there, and both Faye and her sister were excited. Once arrived in Boston, there was so much to experience. For Faye, who had lived in that small town before, the city seemed amazingly big and hectic, yet still interesting. It didn't take long for her to find some friends again and after a short time, she already felt at home. It indeed seemed that moving was the best decision they could have ever made. However, things took a turn for the worse a few years later. Several incidents happened which put a shadow over her life. It was during this time, that she started to use the nickname Usutski, inspired by the series her sister liked to watch. Faye started to hang around the wrong people, becoming a very cynical person. Of course her family noticed she was changing. And being the ever loving family they were, they decided to move again and have a fresh start. This time, there wasn't that much opportunity to plan and search for a good place. That's when they headed to Chernarus. A place far away, with a very different culture, which they deemed perfect for a fresh start. Despite Faye not having good grades when leaving school, her father, who had gotten a job at a nearby hospital, managed to talk his boss into letting Faye learn there too. It had taken him quite a while, but he succeeded in the end. And Faye was very grateful for that. She tried to do everything well and to live up to her parents expectations. But despite her being not bad at her new work, she wasn't able to let go of her new habits, her new behaviour. In the night, she often sneaked out the house to head into the city, where she hang around the wrong places again. Working in the hospital, it was there she saw the first infected. From that moment on, things became hectic in the hospital and soon it became hell on earth. She intended to head home with her father, but outside the hospital they got separated. Unable to find him again, she had to walk all the way back home instead of driving in the car with him. When she reached home hours later, the only thing she found were her dead family, filled with bullet holes. Only one night she stayed there, then she left, leaving everything behind.
  2. Varja Zwetkov

    Born with a rather rare genetic defect, Varjas life had never been normal. Saying it was difficult would be in a way fitting, in another way it would be a lie. After all, she was safe, cared for and never really experienced the hardships in life others had to go through. But this came at a price. And she herself would have much preferred the life others had. Her repetitive, yet protected life ended when the infection washed over from Chernarus to Russia. One day, her parents simply did not come home, leaving her worried and confused as to what was happening. Days passed without anyone to return. All the while, Varja's unrest grew, as did her anxiety. Their family never had much food stored at the house, so after these few days Varja was forced to leave the house. In the middle of the night she walked through the city, slowly comprehending what was going on. Infected and uninfected alike scared her. Unable to cope with the situation, she fled the city. Over the course of the next few weeks she started to adapt to the changes, scavenging through abandoned houses. Once she tried to walk to others and talk to them. But she chose the wrong people for that, as they tried to take her captive and she only barely managed to escape. After this, her life consisted of surviving and hiding from anyone she saw for the longest time. This changed dramatically as one evening, one and a half years later, she met someone. The circumstances of their meeting weren't the best, but as time passed things changed. Varja started to learn and to trust. A trust which would surely pull her into darkness.
  3. Here here ~ *snip snap* I wonder if Lucky will dare to answer here?
  4. The frequency cracks to life as Alice presses down the PTT. She speaks in a friendly, calm tone. Hey Emily, good to hear you're okay. Don't worry, I'll stay in the area. If you don't find me when you arrive, just wait. I'll make sure to come by daily. Just be careful on your way. Better take a bit longer and stay safe than to hurry and get into trouble. If you get lost, tell me and I'll try to find you, okay? I know my way around this area rather well, so it would not be any trouble. After that, she releases the PTT again, looking over the town from the window of her house.