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  1. Seeing that Senpai icon there reminds me so much of this:


  2. Was some great RP with you guys today! Fun, but with many interesting discussions. Looking forward to see the group become official!
  3. Amy replies quickly. "Don't try and fight a whole pack! I'll be alright, don't do something dangerous to get here! I'll head closer to where you are and wait in a safe place until the wolves are gone." The radio clicks off again.
  4. Amy still sounds a bit concerned. "Alright, I'll wait here. But don't try to come here when they might still be around." The radio goes quiet again.
  5. Amy sounds worried as she replies. "Are you alright? You're not hurt? I'll come to where you are if you're not feeling well. Or we could meet up where we met Khandra for the first time. That's at least part of the way to you already." After that the radio goes quiet again.
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