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  1. TheMrGasMaskOG



    Since the release of Metro Exodus, I've wanted to make some sort of video showing Artyom Tarkov before he returned to Chernarus...so using Metro Exodus I'm currently working on a short video that will show Artyom, Red Star Survivors, Aiden Carmine and more before he returned to South Zagoria. This is going to take some time since I want to avoid getting Mutants from the game showing in the video. Please note this is my first EVER attempt on something like this so it won't be 10/10, Oscar-worthy but I will try my very best to make this good.  

    1. Mexi


      You should probably ask Major for the go ahead since you're going to basically be powergaming the lore to do with Russia.

    2. TheMrGasMaskOG


      It won't be set in Russia. I'm gonna try and do Chernoybl but I'll still be asking him if anything happened to the place after the outbreak. 👍

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