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""We All Wear Masks""

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  1. Good Luck with this @Phoenix!
  2. I would kill for a Crysis 4... 😭 image.png.3e7adb578779903850bca04ea3b8d735.png

  3. Me after a few runs on Tarkov with the new PC 😂


  4. Well I finally own an actual Gaming PC. No more Laptops for me at last. 

    Let's see how DayZ works for me now 🤞

    1. BravoActual



  5. From the album: Custom Images

    Same Name...New Face...
  6. TheMrGasMask

    Custom Images

    Images I make/edit to make posters, wallpapers and what not (Not the best condition I may point out x-x)
  7. 574060582_ArtyPoster03.jpg.1c3d52c06f499a741c7c59a467debda7.jpg

    The Arty you remember is dead...

    But it's time...for a new one to rise

    "Українець іде"

  8. From the album: Custom Images

    New Arty maybe? We shall see...
  9. 135542858_ArtyPoster01.jpg.0847d275033b6997c9e05ae22fa4265e.jpg

    The Same Name...But A New Face...A New Adventure Awaits...



  10. Hope everybody had a lovely Christmas!



  11. image.png.c27d4d3a07855315a183abe58b8ed44f.png

    Finished the grind on Halo Reach....finally 💪

  12. Gears 3, 4 or 5? IMO Gears 3 hands down. That campaign was something else...
  13. If only Obsidian were giving more time with New Vegas...imagine
  14. With the Decade coming to a close I thought it be pretty interesting to see some peoples favorite games that have come out during this decade. We have seen some of the best games ever released in this decade from FPS to MMO's and even some surprises. My Top 5 Games Of The Decade 1: Halo: Reach (2010) 2: Skyrim (2011) 3: Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) 4: DayZ Standalone (2013) 5: Battlefield 4 (2013) Honorable Mentions Witcher 3 Gears Of War 3 Red Dead Redemption 1 Fallout New Vegas Far Cry 3
  15. @SynO I found the image online but I edited it up. Went for a Dark Knight Rises feel for it with the rain and black background.
  16. 1887956647_TheMrGasMaskPoster.jpg.b842757e634137e79a59abbc45e305df.jpg

    "We All Wear Masks..."

  17. Hunter Moroz Watched the fall of The Saviors and the rise of The Revenants Redeemed himself in Galapagos Medical Group. Also made some amazing food as Head Chef ( @RiZ) Found new brothers in Mac Tire and fought against Drug Dealers Fought alongside Chernarussians and even Kamenici in some cases against evils Created The STALKERS Survived in Chernarus, Deer Isle and now currently surviving in Livonia
  18. Less then 30 Minutes...

    halo reach GIF


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