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  1. Kevin

    • Kevin
    • TheMrGasMask

    So are you just an avid fan of characters in video games whom wear gas masks? Or do you own some yourself?

    1. TheMrGasMask


      Both Comrade. I own an S10 and GP5 Gas Mask in real life for Airsoft and Cosplay. Some of my fav gas mask characters are the SAS from Rainbow Six, Artyom from Metro, STALKERS from well STALKER lol and I like to make any characters you can create in other games wear gas masks if they are available like DayZ, Division, Fallout, GTA and others. 👍

    2. Kevin


      For cosplay purposes gasmasks are pretty cool, I have an issued one and it works really well, I've learned to really appreciate mine and trust my equipment. I'm not really sure the model of my gasmask but I know it works lol. CBRN warfare is pretty crazy and gasmasks are pretty awesome  👍

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