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""We All Wear Masks""

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  1. TheMrGasMask

    Custom Images

    Images I make/edit to make posters, wallpapers and what not (Not the best condition I may point out x-x)
  2. 2010893803_StalkerFactions.jpg.02f1583aaf969f007e6f374650996cb2.jpg

    If all my current DayZRP characters were in STALKER Factions...Missing a few still 🤔

    1. PandaSimp


      I fuck with it brodie, nice art

    2. TheBishop


      Throw back to Artyum and Hunter! 

  3. The newest edition to the "Gas Mask" roster of mine

    Vanko Shevchenko. Lets do this 👍


  4. Vanko Shevchenko was born on the outskirts of Pripyat in Ukraine on the 20th of June 2044 and from day one of his life, it was about survival. His family was part of a group who traveled around what remained of the country of Ukraine to find anything to survive on and most of the time ended up in conflict with other survivors and groups. By the age of twenty five however, Vanko was alone and only had what he was wearing and in his backpack to survive on. With this he decided to leave his country of birth and head north to find some kind of civilization. He would eventually reach what remained
  5. This 40k addiction is insane...

  6. I have gained the addiction of plastic crack aka Warhammer 40k...my go- I mean Emperor help me

    emily junk GIF

    1. Queerios



    2. TheMrGasMask


      Space Marine Art GIF

  7. tenor.gif.e226d487a5b486781f47a9287cdbbe5f.gif

    1. TheBishop



  8. What ya doing in my home?
  9. Old Lore: The Saviors, Galápagos, Mac Tire and STALKERS. All these groups gave me so much damn fun over the years Current Lore: Vyzov and Narodniks so far for me. Having a blast with the guys in these groups so far and has given me the drive to play DayZ again
  10. Those new graphics tho Looking very nice gents
  11. main-qimg-d6ec35e7ab5a90432430b5d28596e865.gif.f0b67ddc6a53b81383d31dbd5dcf5ff5.gif


    Lets get it 🔥

    1. SnowD



  12. I recently moved my main character over to Namalsk to give the map a go and see what it is like. I personally enjoy what I've seen so far but sadly have not got a chance to RP with anyone as of yet on the map. I would like to see more people give the map a shot as it does bring in some good unique elements to which you can't get in Chernarus.
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