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  1. Old Lore: The Saviors, Galápagos, Mac Tire and STALKERS. All these groups gave me so much damn fun over the years Current Lore: Vyzov and Narodniks so far for me. Having a blast with the guys in these groups so far and has given me the drive to play DayZ again
  2. Those new graphics tho Looking very nice gents
  3. main-qimg-d6ec35e7ab5a90432430b5d28596e865.gif.f0b67ddc6a53b81383d31dbd5dcf5ff5.gif


    Lets get it 🔥

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  4. I recently moved my main character over to Namalsk to give the map a go and see what it is like. I personally enjoy what I've seen so far but sadly have not got a chance to RP with anyone as of yet on the map. I would like to see more people give the map a shot as it does bring in some good unique elements to which you can't get in Chernarus.
  5. TheMrGasMask

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    Images I make/edit to make posters, wallpapers and what not (Not the best condition I may point out x-x)
  6. Always down for more russian weapons getting added. I personally would love the SVT40 to be the next one introduced to the server but also this beautiful relic
  7. Altyn Helmet and Maska Helmet Small little suggestion but why not get these two helmets brought into the server? They would fit Russian/Chernarussian characters really well and plus gives more style for people to go for. Plus could always add a killa version to make things more interesting
  8. Artyom's first day on Namalsk summed up in one gif 😂 


  9. Was going to make a thread about this myself but someone beat me to the punch haha. But yes I agree 100% that the temp needs to rise and lower the rain...crazy that when I run around wearing hunting jackets, cargo pants and sometimes military clothing I'm still cold which leads to quick hunger. +1 from me
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