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  1. 7a9c9a7d-d9af-4f80-a004-9d90ee5302a1.jpg.827d92cb32439a16b393d90c91954454.jpg

    Hype can only be held back for so long 🕺

    hyped GIF by Robin Schulz

  2. Excellent additions and tweaks. Now just gotta wait for that new base game gas mask to get added into the store/inventory
  3. The reason why I have stepped away from the server for sometime isn't just because of stuff that has happened within the community but just DayZ in general. After role playing in a game for almost 5 to 6 years, some things start to become boring but looking over what has been said solving some of the main issues such as toxicity and low numbers is a great step.
  4. Keep Calm


    Listen To


  5. If my memory serves me correct doesn't Deer Isle have a power plant now?...If so I think Artyom has new home
  6. tenor.gif.898663415110ce293c274dae41be73fe.gif

    Finally a reason to use this gif 😂 

  7. Need a good movie to watch. Recommendations lads/lasses? 

    help me cat GIF

    1. Khaleesi


      @ImRabbit just showed me "In Time" yesterday, it was a great movie! Highly recommend, check it out.

    2. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      Vikings just got released on Netflix not too long ago. Not exactly a movie but I can heavily recommend.

    3. TheMrGasMask


      Vikings and In Time it is then 👍

  8. Airsoft site is opening this month after 4 months...finally!

    drake lets go GIF

  9. Chernobylite Is So Good...Holy Shit 😨


    1. vanon02


      Stalker: Anomaly like

      Jesse Pinkman Reaction GIF by Breaking Bad

  10. Squat Emote when? 😉 @Watchman @Whitename




  11.  First thing I hear when I played Chernobylite....excellent 

    dance gangster GIF

  12. @Roland

    Thanks for the help boss man 👍

    No Problem Thumbs Up GIF

  13. Me like the look of this group. Good luck STALKER @Ducky
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