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  1. Somebody say...Airsoft?
  2. Smithy260

    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    Agreed. Watching guys like TRMZ, Crom, Puhdado and Patriot keeping the game kicking is always good to see. But I will also say it is good to see people who did use to slate the game start to come back around.
  3. Early Life, School, College, Work and Family Aiden James Carmine was born and raised in Dudley, England on the 26th May 1992. Aiden is half English from his father’s side and half Russian from his mother’s side. He was the first child in his family and later on got two younger brothers called Josh and Jerome. At the age of only three however, Aiden was diagnosed with both Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia which as he grew up he hated knowing he had them, making him feel like he was a strange person. His father known as John Carmine served in the British Armed Forces for thirty years which convinced both of Aiden’s brothers to join the army, however Aiden did not go down this road due to not only his two disabilities which did not allow him to join but also a personal choice as Aiden did not want to become a Soldier as he saw the life of becoming a soldier could become a disaster in later life. Because of this, his relationship with his father was very poor and sometimes would get into heated arguments with his father to the point it could lead to fights which had to involve both his younger brothers to break them up. Instead Aiden decided to go down the road of his mother called Sofia who was a Computer Technician. As he grew up Aiden spent most of his time in school learning about Computers which gained him high grades however he was seen as a nerd and due to this he was picked on throughout his years in both Primary and Secondary schools. However, Aiden did not allow the bullying to get to him as he fought through it in school and managed to get a spot into Wolverhampton College into a Computer Level Three Course which he spent three years on. He graduated with all distinction levels in all subjects and did not take him long to acquire a job in the computer business known as Dell. Sadly, at the age of twenty, his parents got divorced which led to his mother moving to a different country known as Chernarus. Only after a few months of the divorce, his father was killed in a car crash which upset Aiden to the point of depression due to he wished he and his father never got into fights and got along. Sadly, for Aiden though, the death of his father led to his one brother, Jerome blaming Aiden for both the divorce of their parents and the death of their father even though Aiden had nothing to do either situation which led to his other brother Josh to support Aiden during his sad times. Aiden would still go to work everyday even with the sad times in his family and would continue to impress his coworkers and his bosses. At the age of twenty-three, Aiden life was becoming more successful as he became an IT Administrator in Dell and also got his first girlfriend known as Rebecca who he met at work. The two dated for six months until Aiden broke up with her due to finding out she was constantly lying to him and also sometimes taking his money without asking him first. This led to his time at his work to become uncomfortable and stressful. After three years working at Dell, Aiden decided to leave his job due to the amount of stress he was gaining from his bosses and also working in the same department as his ex who was constantly trying to get him back. Aiden would spend the next few weeks alone in his apartment and wondered what to do until he got a call from his mother who was still living in Chernarus. She was told about everything that was happening to him by his brother Josh who told her from his stress from his job to his lying ex. She offered him a place to live in Chernarus and told him he can easily get a job in Computers where she lived. Arrival to Chernarus Aiden decided to accept this and in July of 2016 he flew to Chernarus to live with his mother who he had not seen since his parents got divorced three years ago. He arrived in Miroslavl and traveled to the city known as Elektrozavodsk where his mother was living in. When he met his mother in Elektrozavodsk he was happy and felt like his life in Chernarus could be a fresh start for him. It didn’t take long for Aiden to search for a new job but he struggled to try and get one due to his lack of knowing Russian. He would spend the next couple of months learning the Russian language which led to him making a friend known as Artyom. Artyom became something of a teacher to him, making his life easier in Chernarus. In December of 2016, Aiden finally managed to get himself a job in a local trading business into their computer department thanks to his friend Artyom who was also working there with him. At the start of the year 2017, Artyom decided to teach Aiden how to hunt and how to use guns. Aiden at first was very against this until Artyom showed the recent history of Chernarus. This began to worry him as he felt unsafe however Artyom and his mother assured that he would be safe. Aiden would finally decide to join Artyom on a hunting trip and was given a Mosin-Nagant from Artyom. As he spent days in the woods and learned some basic survival skills from Artyom, Aiden would get his first kill which was a deer. At first, he felt like he just committed a crime but Artyom assured that it was okay. For the next few months, Aiden would continue to work in the computer department and would also spend some weekends in the woods with Artyom who taught him more survival skills and how to use some weapons. But sadly, for Aiden, death would come back into his life as his mother, Sofia would pass away due to a heart attack in April 2017. This caused Aiden to wonder if he should just go back to England but Artyom who was now becoming more like a brother to him then a friend told him to stay strong for his mother as she would always protect him. Unfortunately for Aiden during the beginning of July 2017 on a trip towards their favorite woods for hunting, both Aiden and Artyom were stopped by a military checkpoint who told them to turn around and return back to their homes. They drove back to Elektrozavodsk and noticed more and more military around them as they returned to their homes. Aiden would spend the next few days in his apartment with his door locked and windows closed as he would constantly hear people outside shouting and screaming, he feared that some sort of war was going on outside. He tried to call Artyom, his brothers Josh and Jerome but got no response. After spending a few days in his apartment, Aiden ran out of food and he was no longer getting water so he decided to not follow the soldier’s orders and slowly made his way outside to see what world he had just walked into…
  4. Oh thank you Hatch I didn't notice that haha
  5. I know this question has probably being asked before but I would like to know this 100% to be sure. I applied for the whitelist a couple weeks ago I believe and since then I have had no message or anything to be told I have being accepted or the application had being rejected. I don't want to sound inpatient but I would like to know how will I know I am in or not on the whitelist. Thanks Guys
  6. Smithy260

    Outfits for Roleplaying

    Hopefully when I get into the Server I like to go for a normal look with cargo pants, boots and a jacket however I do like my character to wear a Gas Mask with someone over his head to give him head protection. Still kind of deciding what my character will look like in RP but all I got so far is Gas Mask and mostly black clothing
  7. Thank you everyone! I hope my character on the server I go on everyday is not carried over to the server I would like to start fresh in the RP server haha
  8. Well it's nice to see a fellow Spartan in the DayZ world!
  9. Hello DayZRP Community I'm Josh but most people call me Smithy or just Smith haha. I being playing DayZ Mod and Standalone for a long time but never could find a good RP server but now I find DayZRP and I am looking very forward to meeting you all in Chernarus and surviving together! See you out there soon!