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  1. Just wondering...

    Oh thank you Hatch I didn't notice that haha
  2. Just wondering...

    I know this question has probably being asked before but I would like to know this 100% to be sure. I applied for the whitelist a couple weeks ago I believe and since then I have had no message or anything to be told I have being accepted or the application had being rejected. I don't want to sound inpatient but I would like to know how will I know I am in or not on the whitelist. Thanks Guys
  3. Outfits for Roleplaying

    Hopefully when I get into the Server I like to go for a normal look with cargo pants, boots and a jacket however I do like my character to wear a Gas Mask with someone over his head to give him head protection. Still kind of deciding what my character will look like in RP but all I got so far is Gas Mask and mostly black clothing
  4. New to DayZRP

    Thank you everyone! I hope my character on the server I go on everyday is not carried over to the server I would like to start fresh in the RP server haha
  5. New to DayZRP

    Well it's nice to see a fellow Spartan in the DayZ world!
  6. New to DayZRP

    Hello DayZRP Community I'm Josh but most people call me Smithy or just Smith haha. I being playing DayZ Mod and Standalone for a long time but never could find a good RP server but now I find DayZRP and I am looking very forward to meeting you all in Chernarus and surviving together! See you out there soon!