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  1. Me and [Daniel McDonald] are in the group The Starved, and our meet-up point was green mountain, as Dan and I were in Vybor so we headed down, by the time we got there, our friends had met up with another group of five. When we entered the compound we tried to talk to them (RP) but they were very silent. We did not show any signs of Dan and I being with the other three of our group, IC. As we were leaving, [HowToDressWell] got initiated on, and we turned to help, being outside the compound we tried our best to sneak up to the compound, we were met with gunshots, the first of which knocked me out, but Dan saline'd me, and we got back to the compound and began our fight. Hellish at this point has informed us that he crashed and logged back into the middle of the robbing and he got initiated on, whilst they were firing at us outside the base (we were not, to their knowledge, grouped, so they fired at us simply because we were outside green mountain). [DressWell] put some distance between herself and the group amidst the shooting, and killed the two watching over hellish, and a third in the tower that Dan and I moved in to deal with, Elliot traded with one outside of the compound, and died without knowing if he killed his opponent. Hellish broke out of his handcuffs without informing us that he had broke out of his handcuffs, let alone the fact that he picked up a gun, and due to this miscommunication he was mistake as one of the initiators, as there were still two unaccounted for. After the fight, we sneak around the compound, watching each others back as we searched the bodies to try and get an advantage on who ever was left. We were met yet again with shots, which hit [Dresswell] and we dispersed to opposite sides of the compound, among-st the drama, I spotted someone on across the compound, and asked on comm if anyone was on that side, to which was answered "no", so I shot, was answered with "STOP SHOOTING ME" from [DressWell] as he broke his leg. I maneuvered my way to him, more shots, and was in the middle of patching him up/splinting his leg when out nowhere [scorpion_King] is within punching distance of me, gun-in-hand(the gun of Elliot, and the clothing of Elliot, who had died to one of our attackers.), he startled me so I had reacted (accidentally, by identifying the man as one of our assailant.) by left clicking, swinging the axe, without moving to which he raised his gun at me to which [DressWell] fired and killed him. A few moments later, we were met with more shots, and my character received a fatal wound.
  2. Sorry dude but you walked into a fire fight, I had just fixed up the guys leg that shot you, but you had our friends gear (clothing / gun) on you (owned by Elliot who was shot mid firefight). We had been Initiated on at green mountain by a group of five that started shooting us (not a proper initiation), we killed three of them, and were being shot at by the other two who's locations were unknown. EDIT: It should be noted that the person who reported us (Scorpion_King) is in a channel with a confirmed (Jack Allen) participant of the group which initiated on ours, and he is in this channel at the time of the report. Link: http://imgur.com/WylQTIu
  3. Blaise

    [S2] Killing of Compliant Hostages

    Thank you for the clips, but I must address that you all showed hostility to us first without reason, we only returned insults, but you pointed guns.
  4. Blaise

    [S2] Killing of Compliant Hostages

    POV: Me and my two companions came to Green Mountain to see if there was anyone to RP with, we were met by a kind russian man who talked to us of his work on the tower. Not even a few minutes later, the men were yelling at Elliot, because he was talking to someone on top of the tower who threatened him. we went up the tower, and settled things, to which the leader of the group was repeatably a jerk about, calling us "mother fuckers" and saying threatening, derogatory things directed towards Elliot like "a free gun to whoever shoots blacky-maggy" as we came down the tower, we had a talk with the Russian man once more explaining to him what had happened, when all of the sudden we heard "YOU THREE PUT YOUR HANDS UP" as he shot Paul, Paul dropped his gun and put up his hands along with the rest of us, as we did they shot Paul again and killed him, not even a second after the command. Then, after both Elliot and I had both put our hands up, they shot and killed me. The shots came from the direction of the initiator.
  5. Blaise

    [ACTIVE] The Starved (Recruitment:Open)

    this seems dumb, but then again it can't be, I'm a part of it
  6. A way to use guns as a melee weapon when you are either out of ammo or in a close enough range.