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  1. Think about the backstory a lot, I'm pretty sure more than half of this community regrets their backstories they made FeelsBadMan. But it seems if your going if culinary as the infection it, it was seem as though you could go into like a deranged cook who maybe had to make some meat out of something other than animals "wink wink" . Or you can be sane in the sense that you helped save a small survivor community you were in. And you have to take into consideration that a lot of people were be turned into either psycho's or some variance into insane ideals. All I'm trying to say is just think about whats going to happen in the future and whats happening in the current scenario. Thanks for reading sir
  2. Hey everyone I was never a loud voice in the community and due to my first account having issues via security i made another account which is currently this one. Though it was very fun I would have to admit my place basically got struck with lightning practically outside. Was really happy no one got hurt but a lot of the electronics were damaged in the nearby houses and neither the insurance or the town could pay for the little things like pc parts that got totaled from the incident. However slowly I have been able to acquire parts and now I'm able to play once more even though its been so long. Hope to see everyone soon once this last part comes in. For now, peace!
  3. You would need something that wouldn't run out of ammo nor have such heavy ammunition that you would need to take other munitions off, so probally the M1-Grand or at least that's how I would see it
  4. AcuteAngle

    New rule: Impersonation

    I feel like this can go a lot of ways but then again there is always two sides to a story, it might be hard to really get the truth out of some situations and this rule might just make it so there is no confusion anymore and hopefully clear up anything that might threaten the community. Really excited for this new rule ^-^