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  1. Chap we don't sit up there all day and wait for people to come up and say "OH BOY A NEW PERSON TO ROB". We try to find new places to meet people but it's kinda hard when people run away from a group of around 8-10 guys. We posted within 5 mikes of each other because we brought the subject to each other and we have had past experiences at GM don't like GM then don't go there simple as that. Call us defensesive K fine whatever but the fact is that is the only place we have gotten IC info of people being at. Till someone tells us where other chaps meet at we stay there. Oh boy, I think I should have written ''joking'' in a lager font size.
  2. Come to Green Mountain and say that. Haha, I think I can guess what happens then ^^
  3. MichaelSnow

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    OMG 0.0 so amazing
  4. Hi there Hunter. Welcome. Good luck with your whitelist fate
  5. MichaelSnow

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I can't believe you guys lol. These things take time, effort and did I mention time? Relax
  6. MichaelSnow

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I will help with a bag of money. Because I don't know mods at all ^^
  7. Four 501st members posting defensively within 5 minutes from each other. Wink Wink joking ^^
  8. Michael Snow POV: Me, Percivl and a couple other random people were robbed last night by the 501st. Percivl got into a verbal argument with one of 501st and the 501st initiated on the whole compound. I was not part of any group just a loner on GM.. The 501st robbed us and killed some guy and afterwards me and some of the victims met on TS for the first time. Tonight we went back as a group to GM to RP. After some time the 501st arrive clearly recognizable by their voices and outfits. They were wearing and holding the stuff they took from us last night. Feeling uncomfortable being around the people who robbed us the night before 2 of our group went into the tower to hide. Unseen by the 501st until the very end as you can tell from the video. When one of the 501st went up the tower two of my group initiated on him. I was standing pretty far from the tower and I could hear the demands very clearly not like in the video posted here. With all the yelling in teamspeak. The two guys in the tower warned the 501st member to don't come up. I think IC justifiable since this guy robbed them the night before. And once the 501st member was up the ladder he was told to not turn around and go back down. I think he at least had 30 seconds to comply and go back. After a last attempt to make him go down with a countdown I heard a shot. The initiation was really clear to me. I would personally never walk up a ladder if two guys are pointing guns at me from the top and screaming at me to go back down. EDIT: The body of the killed 501st member was up in the tower. My friends even checked his inventory up in the tower. So I find it really strange he claims he was going down the ladder a couple feet when getting shot. Because his body would have fell down the ladder.
  9. Welcome to the community, good luck!
  10. Thank you for the extra info Heliix. This will help me a bunch!!! (y)
  11. IGN: Michael Snow Age: 26 Country: The Netherlands (Amsterdam) English skills: Very good, almost better than my native language DayZ Mod Experience: Little Mod experience, played it for maybe 75 hours? DayZ Standalone Experience: Been on SA since the beginning with many many breaks in between, played about 520 hours now. I used to play allot on public servers with real life friends. I did have an eight your old gaming rig those days that struggled to run DayZ, so I was not particularly good. I have a brand new system now and since then also joined DayZRP. Roleplaying Experience: Never been part of an online roleplaying community before. I tried some ripoff WoW once and it was not for me. Although I have been part of and led other online gaming communities before. I ran a community over 60 members for nearly 3 years until the game in question died. I love singleplayer RP games like; Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins, Deus Ex, The Witcher and many many more. I've put in countless of hours in those RP games. The Roleplaying I've been doing in this community has been going really good. I never break character and I get complimented by people daily. They say they can't tell I am new to roleplaying online or to this community. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I talk before anything. Try to solve any situation with reason and words. I do not rush into dangerous or hostile situation easily. I am always kind, friendly and try to look for the best in everyone. But if I am cornered or feel very threatened I wont hesitate to defend myself and my allies at all cost. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. Additional notes: I have been a community member for only 2 months, I am very good in English, I work hard on getting good in RPing and it's going real smoothly. I have been roaming Chernarus for the last 2 months alone. Tagged along with some different players sometimes to learn the ways of the land, the groups and the lore. Now after my 2 months of lone wolf rping and not finding a group IC that I could see myself joining I've come to this thread. To see who else is out there. Best way to contact you: PM me on the forum. Backstory: The Basics: Born and raised in The Netherlands. My mother after divorce moved back to her family's native country of Chernarus. I was studying in Istanbul, Turkey on an international University at the age of 25. 6 weeks before the first reports of infection my Mother had an heart attack. I fly to Chernarus accompanied by my little brother to take care of my mother. 3 weeks before the infection mother was released from the Hospital. We take care of her at her house, being so busy that the first reports of infection did not interest us. At the day the town of my mothers house was overrun I saw my mother being eaten alive. My brother and me tried to fight the infected off but we could not kill them. After fleeing town my brother shows me his bite wound. He knew people turn through bites and scratches so he wanted to go far away from me to protect me from him. After I would not let him leave me he knocked me out. Woke up alone. Have been hiding in the woods surviving on little supplies since that day. Have been bitten myself and not have not turned, so I hold a little hope my brother didn't turn as well. Still looking for any sign of him and hoping, always hoping...... (sorry about weird changing font sizes. some how it won't let me change it)
  12. That's awesome!! Now I understand how big groups get geared so fast. They must have huge camps out there. I might start a little camp of my own then Thank you for the quick and clear reply Shark!