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  1. My game kept crashing when we were walking away, there were some memory issues. It happened about 3 times, that is why I disconnected and re-connected, just mentioning it.
  2. My POV (David Moskov): Basically, we saw the truck moving around Dolina and we agreed through radio comms to interviene with them if possible. One of our men (Cody Johnson) went up as a distraction and talked to the men up on the road, after a while Klemens (Kristoff Borg) and I (David Moskov) moved up and started the initiation. We started shouting at them, asking them to get down and drop their guns/backpacks etc, from that point they started talking and stuff and we asked them to stop talking. We did threathen to shoot them IF they tried doing something stupid. In the process we did handcuff two of them, but we tied one of them up with rope so he could easily break out to free his friends. *And in retrospect we did try going back to free them from captivity, but they were already out when we got there, and my game crashed at that point.*