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    RP1: NVFL stary sobor 19:25 3/22/16

    1. NVFL: We initiate on you and you blow yourself up. This shows absolutely no value for your character's life. If that would have been the case then you would have dropped the grenade and we would have continue the RP. One of the reasons why I got Krystof to show himself was that so you don't pull a NVFL now that you are completely surrounded, which somehow is exactly what happened. That's why i always ask first how are you?. You never know what kind of person he is or what happened with him in the past what if he told you that he was recently beaten that's why he has anger issues. 2. Baiting(?): I fail to see why you would start to laugh at as and mock us if all you wanted was to blow us all up. We initiated to further the RP and you decided to kill it for all of us. I personally feel like you wanted us to initiate just so that you can kill us. Peoples was hunting me and i didn't know who and that's why you should not initiate when someone has a grenade out and tell them to drop it now you didn't know if that was unpinned or not and you didn't know if he was suicidal or not.
  2. moonlanesan

    RP1: NVFL stary sobor 19:25 3/22/16

    Pov of Jack Kane: I was passing trough stary when a man come up i say hey he ask me what is your name i tell him i am Jack what is last name he says i say just Jack when he says tell me last name just before this i was in kab and someone was searching for me we got in an rp with the person told me some peoples want to kill me so i was and as Jack Kane had anger issues i was positive that today i will die i was already about suicide but i didn't after the rp in kab i went to stary as i was saying and ye he ask me questions so after all i did say me full name hes friends come up when this man told me this is their country and i have to answer every question or he will beat me up with a base ball bat not enough that jack has anger issues he had to say that he will beat me up so as fast as jack see those friends come up and know that there will be problems he went in the house and took out a grenade unpinned the grenade and went down told them once more again yes i do have to leave now when they initiate a hostile action and tells me drop that shit now all of them so close to jack. Jack was like okay. And that basically happened they have video so its will be easy to see that anyway here is the pov.
  3. *Adina pushes the talk button and starts talking* Umm i think its the end of the line for my i don't want to die please god please *she starts crying loud* I was not ready to die alone like this i been left alone and I... I AM NOT READY! *She wont turn the radio off. *she continue to cry for about 5 minutes* I want somebody with my before I DIE I JUST DON'T ..... NO i can't but please I have fever i wont make I WONT MAKE IT i am SCARED! My name is Adina i was born in 1996 i want you who can hear me to know that i was good person too GOOD FOR THIS WORLD. *She takes out the magnum and loads her last round* *One shot can be heard everything goes silent*
  4. *She clicks the radio on and starts talking* I.. Huh i managed to escape they didn't kill me but i am very scared and i don't know what to do please someone help my i am not feeling well. *she sits down and pushes the talk button again* Thank god i survived one of them bit me but i am okay i need medical supplies can please someone help my if so contact my here. *she feels very sick and pukes* *She clicks off the radio fast and sits back down*
  5. Hello mr? are you there i managed to get my radio back i now closed my self in a house the dead is outside the doors trying to get in what can i do? please is someone there? i only have left with 3 bullets I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! *She start to cry. Glass breaking can be heard in the background* What can i do someone please respond there is at last 10 out there and i think someone is fallowing me. *She tremble of fear and holds the magnum in her hands* I think it is over they will break in and i don't WANT TO BE EATEN ALIVE. *She looks at the magnum* *More glass break in the background* *One scream can be heard in the background then one shot the radio clicks off*
  6. *She start talking into the radio* -I think i saw a ghost about 2 hours he looked real to me and talked to me but it cannot be he is dead i ... i was there when it happened. *She sounds very confused* -I think i am loosing my mind. This is not happening to me... *Shooting can be heard in the background* -Can anyone please come and help my name is Adina can somebody hear me Hello?! *She start to panic* HELLO?!. *GO AWAY YOU ARE NOT REAL WHO ARE YOU?* *Help! The radio drops down and she starts panicky running* *Radio stays turned on*
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: Ban Strike (1 month) Ban will be lifted: Never http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Bad-RP-Troll--74986 Why the verdict is not fair: He told me everything about what was going on,and he admitted,that he did make a bad rp,in a trollish manner but that he didn't meant to be he.Also told me, that he never asked for a second chance.The verdict was fair,he reached over 30 and he got banned,but I can admit that he is not a bad role player or someone who brings hate,so thats why I'm doing this for him. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I also know that from alt accounts he maked ban appeal and that is against the rules, but I am willing to do this for a friend,wwith who i grew up,and i know that i will get a punishemnt for it,but without him i can't enjoy the role play that much.How far a true friend can go for his friends ...far enough.I can count on him as he can count on me. First always family and friends. I try to explain this from his point of view. He had a hard time. He had problems in his life,that he couldnt handle,but we are humans so we make mistakes,that not makes us bad,but nobody is perfect.Mistakes makes us humans .We learn from our mistakes.Everyone who wants to change,I believe it can be listened.And it can be given a second chance. I am asking for him for a second chance.I cant do much, all i can is to ask maybe the staff team community helpers to look into this situation with him once again,and I am sure many of them know Kenny Kopp,in formum known as KennYSP. I am sure he got himself in this situation because of his life problems. All I ask for is to look into it once again if its possible. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: All I want to acheive with this appeal is that I want to give him the answer about this situation, that he than can stop hoping that he might get back one day or tell him what the staff, community helpers think about him. I just don't want to see him hoping for something that might never come.I am willing to take any punishment for this appeal.If that is a permanently ban or warning points,I do anything for a true friend I can. What could you have done better?: He could not play when he had life problems,he could solve them first and then play. But he wasnt able to handle it all alone.He needed my help as well. Sorry for the trouble and bothering. Thanks for your time. //moonlanesan
  8. Whoa dress calm down. Don't scare all grills away It's okay,it's okay. I'm not scared.Yet,hehe.;P Thanks! I'll try!
  9. A lot of thanks,really! I'm looking forward to play with you guys! And really thanks for all of your kind welcome!!
  10. *Logan sits at the kitchen table in his house, jacket laying over a chair as he works on the burns on his left arm. He stops for a moment to see if there is anything being broadcasted, when he gets the response from one of the sibling from the other day, he decides to respond. He was in the middle of something, so he grabs a roll of duck tape and tapes down the talk button before placing it on the table.* "Hey... uhhhh... You should be able to hear me. I'm working on something so I got my button taped down so I can still talk to you while I work. It's good to hear that you two were able to get back together. It sounds like you're safe." *Logan dabs his burns with a cold, wet rag. Once he is done, he starts to bandage them.* "For your question on were you can get ahold of me, you can on frequency 108.8. Its still an open frequency, but usually its only used to contact us directly. If you get on there and I'm not on the frequency but my friends are, tell them Logan gave you the frequency, and they'll help you until I do get on... If you wish to meet up and we agree on a location, is there anything you're in need of at the moment? I'm going to be doing some runs and I'll see if I can get it on the way. Stay safe out there, and hope to hear from you soon." *Logan takes the duck tape off the radio and places it in his bag before pulling out his Bible and starts to read and he waits for a response.* -Sammy would once more pick up his radio.- "Who's this boy? Another White Knight coming to save the woman in distress? Don't make me fucking laugh brother." "Besides, gonna protect that girl Chloe from the Pestilence forever? She already got taken and just because she wouldn't take off that fucking beret. "Watch who you're talking to kiddo." -Sammy would release the button and hold it by his side, awaiting a response.- *Valya can't listen to this man without saying something* *Valy hear beats fast while she presses the button* Umm...Hello again.Can you please tell me who are you and that why do you try to scare me? If you want to know I'm not scared at all! *Valya is still kinda worried and scared* I was wondering that why you.... *Her brother gets closer to the radio and asks that with who is talking with?!* *Backround voices:Brother,this man makes me worried so I just wanted to know who he is and why...* *At this moment Valyas brother grabs the radio while he speaks: "So just leave my sister alone before...before I...Okay,fine...Just leave her alone and if you want something then first you have to talk with me! DID YOU HEAR ME? You don't know yet who we are..."* *Valyas brother turns off the radio and tosses it down to the ground*
  11. *Valya hears the man talking to her over the radio* *Valya starts to talk a little bit worried* Can I ask you,who are you? And maybe that,why are you speaking like this to me? Thank you for this kind invitation,but I think that I have to refuse it. I'm really sorry. *Valya sits down and starts to smoke something* Brother...I decided that I want to meet with you. I'm finally strong enough for a meeting I think. It's not good to be alone... *Valya turns off the radio* -Sammy would look back at his radio at the response of the lady, a smile coming onto his face.- "Come on girl, you know you want a piece of ol' Sambo." "Don't getchur brother on me, i'll snap him like a twig girly." "How old are you anyway girl?" *Valya hears the same man again and decides to reply once more again* *Valya feels worried and a little bit anxious* I...I am 18 years old...but really...who are you? Are you watching me...? I... *Valya quickly turns off her radio while her heart beats really fast*
  12. *Valya hears the man talking to her over the radio* *Valya starts to talk a little bit worried* Can I ask you,who are you? And maybe that,why are you speaking like this to me? Thank you for this kind invitation,but I think that I have to refuse it. I'm really sorry. *Valya sits down and starts to smoke something* Brother...I decided that I want to meet with you. I'm finally strong enough for a meeting I think. It's not good to be alone... *Valya turns off the radio*
  13. Hi. I am new here and I'm really looking forward to play and see you guys in game. Looking forward to have some amazing role play with all of you! Cheers!