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  1. It was dark and muggy as I was watching my breath fly through the air making itself seen in the moonlight. How eerie, I thought. I lit my last cigarette. how peaceful. The sound of the wind lightly blowing through the trees, making the leaves dance only to be held back by its limbs. Reminds me of my parents, always holding me back from my true potential that only I could see. Those leaves have a chance to dance in the wind freely. What happens when they fall? Do they dance in the wind or fall to the ground and wither away becoming apart of the ground? I take a drag of my cigarette only to be interrupted by the cracking of sticks and the crunching of dead leaves. Could be a bear, but it doesn't sound that heavy. Maybe a deer? Dinner. I put out my cigarette, leaving the cherry to behind burn a hole through the leaves. I silently walk over, being careful to not step on sticks simultaneously pulling out my pistol. To my surprise the crunching stopped, so I stopped. Had it heard me? I knelt down to get more comfortable and watch for what I could see. This time I hear running, but it is getting louder and louder... "Stehen sie auf!" said the dark figure. I felt a gun pressed against the back of my head. Fuck! "Stehen sie auf!" He yelled louder. This guy is pretty impatient, good thing I know a decent amount of german. I stood up, got to my feet. "Lassen sie die Waffe fallen. Keine Bewegung oder ich schiesse." I dropped my gun and didn't move at all. They cuffed my hands together, stood me up and guided me through the forest. Would I have been that leaf that would've fallen and wilted away, only to be seen as everybody else?
  2. Journal Entry 1 Jebediah Connors is the name. People who know me simply call me, “Tex.” That doesn’t seem to be anybody these days. Alone, starving and dehydrated, but I still move on. I push through the days in hopes of finding food, even a single peanut will suffice, but even that is hard to come by. I walk many miles per day and still no sign of life, it has been awhile since i’ve seen a living face. What isn’t hard to come by are these damned flesh eating roamers, can’t go anywhere without seeing one in your sight. Get too close and they bite you, tackle you, then you turn. I don’t have to worry about getting too close because I am seemingly evasive. If they do get too close they get a sweet, cold surprise of my blade. It glides through their deteriorated heads like a knife goes through cake. It pleases me to watch the blood pour from their heads and their ragdoll bodies fall to the ground. It’s what keeps me alive and sane. I need to find others soon, people I can connect with. It has been hard to connect ever since I moved here. I can help, help others get into better health, but I can also kill others with pinpoint accuracy, props to my father. I can thank my old girlfriend about saving lives, she was a doctor back in the states. I don’t like to kill, humans, but if it needs to be done, it will. Especially the evil ones. Surviving alone is hard. I haven’t had much human interaction. I don’t know whether I should be worried or not. So far i’ve only killed one. The one will serve as a lesson to all others that I am not to be messed with. I keep his skull hanging from my backpack as a reminder that there are people out there to hurt me. The sad thing is that the people don’t even know me. This outbreak has changed people, brought out the evil within. I will continue to go trudge through these days, looking for food and others. I will continue to write in my journal until the day I meet the man in the sky. Hopefully that won’t be anytime soon. I have work to do, exterminating all the evil that needs to be taken care of. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/685969538556934082/69E4B4903F21D1D3AC8B340C75A8BC64BF6CC45D/[/img]
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  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Your application has been rejected three times! You are not able to send any more applications! Why the verdict is not fair: The first time that I submitted my application I expected to fail it because I really had no idea what the DayZRP team was looking for. The second time I failed was a little more questionable, but still understandable. The third time however was a bit unbelievable. I stated everything in the application that it said I was missing. Or maybe I am just missing something, but I was/am pretty sure that everything needed is included in the third application. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was pretty confident that the third application was going to do it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the team to look it over again and if there is still something wrong with it, explain it to me. It would be nice to have the opportunity to be able to whitelist again What could you have done better?: The first time I should have been more thorough and the second time, once again, should have been more thorough. If I was I could probably be playing at this very moment.