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  1. CaptinBullets

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    When will these servers go up!? PLEASE tell me!!
  2. CaptinBullets

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I'm getting really hyped for this, sounds like you guys have your work cut out for you, but once you figure out how to transfer the characters over (between two differant game? Arma 3 and DayZ? Unless I mis-understood you) and work your other server magic I'll be on, I bought Arma 3 two days ago in anticipation of this.
  3. I think the reason the video didn't register your voice is because you may have accidentally hit the wrong button, or it simply glitched. However this does not excuse the fact that you did not state in chat as well that you were going to take the truck by force, witch according to the rules you must do when you are engaging a truck. And I did not steal your Truck as I did not see you and I had just recently had a truck of my own thinking it was that same truck I took it, as I had parked it not far from the area where you had parked it. Also I did in fact say several thing, such as "Who are you?, and What do you want?". So it appears it was a possible server side problem as neither of us could hear each other. To clarify, I could not hear you talking in the game when this happened, so the fact that it is not on your video either is not a surprise to me, however the fact that you could not hear me talking is a surprise to me. But you couldn't have expected someone not to take a truck they just find in the road if no one is currently in it, I didn't think it was anyone's truck, because I figured if someone left it un-manned in the middle of the road they had either abandoned it, or didn't want it. Rude, and you are making accusations while you are uninformed, read what I posted earlier if you haven't already, I am not "salty" because I died, I am upset because some form of communication glitch happened and as a result I am dead, and then you continued to accuse ME of breaking the rules by failing RP witch only happened because of said communication glitch witch disabled our ability to communicate.
  4. Server and location: Server 1, outskirts of Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03:20:00, 8/6/15 Daytime or Night-time: Night-time Your in game name: Jason Whiticker Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown Suspects weapon/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved: I was in a Truck before and when the suspect killed me.
  5. I enjoy going to Novo or Gorka, but also Pusta. They are good locations to get supplies or secluded areas to start a nice small farm or base.