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  1. IGN: Alex Peterson Age: 17 Country: Austria English skills: Fluent, not to say flawless ^^ DayZ Mod Experience: Playing since the first modifications came out for ArmA 2 OA DayZ Standalone Experience: Playing since release for steam Roleplaying Experience: I've been playing on tons of roleplay servers for ArmA, I know how this works. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I'm more the "tracker" of the team. I can see, which area was touched be people.Usually, if I'm looking for someone, I find him. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: I've been a lone wolf for a long time, doing the dirty jobs for other people. Now I find myself looking for a group. If there actually is a group, that looks for someone, be advised, that you really can send me out for getting supplies without being worried. I can handle the hard ambiente of DayZ. Best way to contact you: PM me! Backstory: So there we were now. My brother Joe and me, standing on the hill right above Cherno. It was a strange feeling, knowing we had to find ourselves water and food. Cherno, the city of doom was right beneeth us, and we were about to enter. We started moving. Slowly, always watching our steps. After a little march, we arrived at a school. It was dark, but something told me to go in. It might have been my stomach grumbeling. I tried to open the front door, which was easier than expected. Whenn I turned to call Joe, I saw what I had always feard - My little brother being attacked by a Zombie. There was just one way to rescue him. I pulled out a gun, aimed at the Zed and... Suddenly I felt a cold barrel on the back side of my head. It seemd to be a shotgun. "Give me that weapon and watch your little friend get eaten by this Zed." The situation was horrible enough, when Joe started screaming. Not only that you could basically hear his pain, he also triggered all the Zeds in the city. They all came running and jumping towards him. When Joe stopped screaming, burried under a load of Zombies, I knew I had lost everything. Then I tried something really stupid. I crouched myself, so his first shot would miss. Because the bandit was aiming at my heasd, this worked quite well. His second shot strafed my left foot, but did not hit anything important. "Stay there or you are dead!" he said. Well, as I know, dubble barrel Shotguns only have 2 slugs of ammo. When I left the school, I was very sad about the loss of my brother, but something cheered me up a little. I dont know if it was the dead bandit hanging lifeless from the top of the school, dripping blood onto the waiting Zeds for him to fall off, or the new gear I got. So there was I now, all on my own again. I had to move on, move on to survive, move on with the time, but move on.