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  1. Hey, so I was whitelisted a while ago (I can't remember when exactly), but was mia for a little while due to life. I tried to join the server the other day and I was rejected. Just wondering who I can talk to or who can help me with this?
  2. WreckedEm

    DayZRP 3rd anniversary

    I may be super new, but happy birthday! I hope to share in many more with all of you!
  3. Hype! Had a great time. Looking forward to many more!
  4. You all can't see it. But I'm dancing in my chair! I got accepted!
  5. Thank you all! I have to re-submitt my application. I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Edit: Resubmitted and fingers crossed!
  6. Thank you Septimus! It's all laid out very well on the site, but I will keep you in mind! I've re-read through the rules countless times now. I want to make sure I 'fit in' properly within the aspects of what the server is trying to accomplish. I'm basically just playing the waiting game and checking back here every 5 minutes to see if I've been accepted. I just want to jump in and play! I'm literally bouncing in my seat in anticipation.
  7. Thank you sirs! I can't wait to see you out there in the wilds!
  8. Hey! I can't wait to get whitelisted and start playing with you guys. I've been looking for a good RP server for DayZ SA for a while now. I hope I can jump in soon and start to share some stories. I'm 31, from Canada, and do nothing but play videogames and work. So....so sad.