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  1. Coyote Tactics

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Rollin' through in my jeans, running shoes, a god awful wool coat, baseball cap, a bandana and an axe on my back. Nothing fancy this time through, maybe next spawn I'll mix it up after I get ganked.
  2. I as away for a while, thus the 2-3 month appearance, but I have been here for much longer. Had to reapply due to my time away. And Brad, I didn't file reports as I get no names from anyone, so wouldn't really go anywhere.
  3. As far as a solution, I was more curious if there was a sliding scale due to circumstance, and what leads to a perma ban. Was curious if others were in the same area of thought or if I was out on my own. For such a thing of ruleplay over roleplay with us being on an RP server, I was figuring that Bad RP through rule abuse would be a big deal. I have had really shitty RP from bandits, and really detracts from the appeal of the server. But if that is something that someone can eventually get a permaban for if they are multiple offenders, that makes me feel better.
  4. Alright, seems reasonable. I have just been on the bad side of bad RP like that [which didn't end in being killed] so a bit sore I guess. The case I was referring to was in no way having the chance of a miss ID as there were hit logs and the guilty party admitted it all.
  5. Been looking through solved reports, and it feels like some punishments are way too light. The main issue I see is with Ruleplay over Roleplay. There was a recent report where a guy got shot and killed because he didn't take off all his clothes in the 6 seconds he was given. The "robbers" made an unreasonable demand, the victim stated he was roleplaying the situation but still complying, was absolutely no threat [guns and bags on the floor, hands up], but they shot and killed the victim anyway. Their defense? "Oh, he wasn't complying, the rules give me KoS so I killed him! I did everything right!" They get a 5 day ban. Two people who obviously are NOT here to RP, don't care about RP but rather steal and kill, show no "oh my bad I'll change" mentality get to keep playing in less than a week with their illegitimately gained loot. In the mean time, the victim has lost everything in a harsh game and has to start out from scratch. Maybe I'm missing something here, as I have never been on the bad side of a report. If they do this again, do they get actually banned from the server?
  6. Nice work, and yes I think it would be awesome.
  7. Beans, because their short-order name is bullets, which is great for a FPS.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the answers. I was just making sure, as I have seen some reports out there that don't make sense. Again, thanks for the clarification! This answers my question.
  9. I have been taken by bandits waaaay too much. So taking precautions. Scenario; I am traveling with a buddy. He is all camo'd up, has a long range rifle. He gets set up in a tree or the like, and covers me as I go into town to find folks to trade with, as we need supplies for the camp. If things go south [i get initiated on], communicated by predetermined signals or conditions to my buddy, he will open fire. I make sure to stay in his sight lines, known ranges, and the like. I don't think it would be considered baiting as I am not manipulating others to initiate on me so I can gain KOS rights, but wanted to make sure it was all kosher.
  10. Just been having a bad run of luck perhaps. Willing to give it a few more goes, but so far it has been bad examples. For this thread, I got my answers, so can be marked solved. Thanks!
  11. I usually play with someone else, and avoid GM. Last time we had a real good RP with a group, then they found us again 20 minutes later, and did a standard bandit attack. So totally ruined the experience, as we thought we finally found someone who wanted good RP, but instead was just a setup to rob us. Time before that, had a group that we had a good RP scene going on, then a group ambushed and interrupted it to have boring cookie-cutter banditting.
  12. To be honest, every hostage situation I have been in has sucked, and is making me think of leaving the server. This is how it goes; "Drop your guns! Drop your bags! Put hands up!" *checks for radio, breaks radio* *handcuffs* "Follow me or I will kill you! Shut up!" //can I cut or burn you? "Here is some rp between the bandits, with the hostage in a place where talking could mean they get killed. Ok, now you have nothing but a can of peaches, everything else is stolen or ruined. Bye!" I wanted to break that cycle, but ever thing I have tried based on good RP has just led to me getting shot and killed, or ignored and stuck in a long RP that is boring as hell for me. Trying to see if I can shake it up and not just get blown away for trying to add RP to the RP server. Sorry, minor rant, but ever since I have joined this has been an issue.
  13. I am sick of being robbed, but refuse to be a jerk and go around and being a cut and paste bandit like I see away too often. However, I am concerned to RP at all when being kidnapped/robbed because I might get killed. If someone pulls a gun on me and demands that I put all my shit on the floor, as I have been robbed/shot/tortured so often, it makes sense for my character to say to them "You know what? Screw this. Screw you. You want my shit? Here. Take it. It's on the floor. Have fun, you scum bastards. But I'm not going to play any of your sick games" and walk off. If they yell at me to come back or they will shoot, and I continue to roleplay despite "complying to demands", can they just straight up kill me? I had a robbery happen when they started yelling a count down for me to get my gear on the floor. I wanted to RP around the situation, and if I was giving good RP rather than stripping naked in the 5 second countdown, could they just shoot and kill me? I am realizing the rules are super bandit-gets-to-kill-you friendly, so seeing what I can do to make it actually fun and interesting and deep for someone that is the victim.
  14. I'll be honest; I am not a fan of the Persistence. Sure, camps are great, but I love getting my character to look how I want. If I die, I want to know I can get kitted up again and maybe dissuade the inevitable bandits.
  15. Coyote Tactics

    Building PC

    Call up your local computer repair store. I would suggest that over Best Buy.